BritishGaming: SOCOM: Confrontation Review

The game looks horrendous, like a Playstation 2 game that has been forcibly dragged into the next generation of hardware with little more than a few lighting tweaks and a slightly-heightened polygon count to help blend in. Perhaps more time should have been spent on the lacklustre visuals or the agonizing load times than the impressive array of painstakingly animated "dances" to perform on your freshly fragged corpses.

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heroicjanitor3789d ago

Something fishy is going on here

CaseyRyback_CPO3789d ago

what else could ya do..? I mean let em have their fun. Its all they have left. playstation news.

El_Colombiano3789d ago

They have nothing else to do. Games? Not this year. Lives? Still have yet to find one to call their own.

SoapShoes3789d ago

Is jackassery! Harping on Socom's visuals like it had good visuals to begin with. :D

ALL_STAR_283789d ago

I personnaly really like Socoms visulas

Alcohog3789d ago

One of my most played games on any system....

Sorry its kind of a "hardcore only" type game, Bloodmask. Enjoy continuing your life's work of scouring the Internet for video game news! No seriously, enjoy it.

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