Midway: Current Gen Viable for 3-5 More Years

That Gaming Site writes: "In their 10-K filing Midway made it clear they believe current generation consoles will be a viable medium for development for the next 3-5 years. Midway also revealed they believe development costs for current generation projects will range from $8-50 million! Midway also states from 2009 and beyond development schedules for games will range from 12 to 48 months."

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Trollimite3792d ago

considering the ps1 to ps2 and the ps2 to ps3 time gate, midways statement seems spot on

Elven63792d ago

For once, I agree with you! Even the original Xbox saw releases well into 2007, even 2008 had a few.

snaz273792d ago

but what are they going to be recognised for? the only good thing i could really say is the online aspect which in reality isnt that far ahead from psn ok at first it was but now psn is coming closer and closer... and for me it even has some advantages with home and the web browser... as i dont have a pc the later is very handy i mean even if i had a pc i would now want it hooked up to my tv cus since ive had it that way with the ps3 now its just miles better than looking at a tiny monitor lol... i hear all the time from 360 fans that they dont want a browser... really? and that they are fine about the rrod happening cos they just send it back etc... really? personally i find these kinda statements just trying to justify their purchase but i think next time some might think twice next time... and on the graphics front you are right but the fact remains that the 360 has had a year head start but the best looking console game is on the ps3.. i would say its not just down to the hardware but down to the devs to.

Elven63792d ago

Brand recognition just in general, how many consumers would really buy "the new guy"? Next generation the Xbox will have more recognition among the masses much like the Playstation brand, in the long run that will really help you out.

Sure RROD is a pain when you get it, but in my day to day gaming I don't worry about it I would never go to buy a game but then reconsider the purchase because of something that might happen. It's like getting shot with a paint ball the first time, your scared at first but once you get it your realize what it is and you won't mind it so much the next time.

I have a browser on my Xbox 360, I just never use it. (Via WMC), it's probably one of the most useless plugins I ever downloaded.

Dandiego3792d ago

The current gen consoles can even play the newer PC games so this is absurd... The day I'll see a Crysis game on this gen I'll believe it... sure there are pretty graphics but the physics are far from the PC games coming out now and in the upcoming months.

snaz273792d ago

hmmm im not so sure about the paintball analegy lol... and i do agree about the buying the new guy next gen etc as i spend half my time last gen showing people just how much better the xbox was over the ps2... up untill the ps3 i hated playstations but with the ps3 its just a great piece of kit... the ability to upgrade your hdd pretty cheap £66 for 320gb is really great... blu-ray player... kick ass console... web browser (i dont know what the 360 browser is like as ive not used it but im assuming you needed the pc to download that app? all i can say is that the ps3 browser is now great i even download films for free with it along with music etc so all i need really)... and see i just dont get why someone would be loyal to a company that knowingly pushes out a console with defects? its just really odd... but as i do with every gen i wait to see which is best and buy that one... if ms brings out a conlsole that is better than ps4 i will get that (as long as its reliable too lol)

snaz273792d ago

dandiego did you mean "cant" play pc games?.. look everyone knows pc games are better graphically but i think only slightly to be honest and pcs to me are just a ball ache and i wouldnt use half or even a quarter of the functions... and you gotta worry about viruses etc i just cant be doing with it just for slightly better graphics.. and i dont know if you have played killzone 2 but the wheather effects and partical effects are really amazing mate not to mention the ai etc.. i havent played crysis so i cant really comment on that but i just love the ps3 exclusive games and they are not on the pc so just another reason for me not not shell out 600 odd quid on one.

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fire233792d ago

I believe the Wii will last about that long due to its selling, and the PS3 to due Sony's nature, but I just can't see the 360 lasting 3 more years. Could be wrong, but just think about the PS3's showing of power against the 360 and the multi-disc issue MS is increasingly running into.

Elven63792d ago

Just because a successor may come out doesn't mean games will stop being made for it. Look at the original Xbox, 2006 was a great year for it, 2007 had a few games come out, even 2008 saw the release of a small handful of games for the console.

snaz273792d ago

i think ms are as suprised as anyone else is by how much the 360 is selling and i reckon they wlil adjust their plan accordingly... i mean with the online subscription and the host of problems they have with the hardware (rrod e74 tec) people are stil buying them lol... so if something is selling they will keep it going surely? unlike the original xbox (which i was a fan of) that didnt sell so they axed it and rushed out the 360 to be ahead of sony which turns out to be a good stragtegy for them... i had a 360 but sold it and now i have the ps3 which to my mind is superior in everyway... but that doesnt stop the fact that millions have bought it and continue to buy it so i think ms will just ride it out for as long as they can

Elven63792d ago

Microsoft has built brand recognition now with the Xbox 360, something they didn't have much of last generation. Now with all these new revenue streams they don't need to worry about releasing first, just within a probable schedule. The Wii (partially) proves people don't care much about graphics, they just want gameplay. It's debatable the power of both the PS3 and Xbox 360 especially when fanboys are around.

If it gives companies a way to make money and ensure jobs, I'm all for it.

fire233792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

I see what your saying Elven, but the problem is MS just doesn't have the studio's nor the manpower in the studios they do have to fully support 2 consoles at a time. If they do release another console I would want them to dedicate their studios for it, otherwise it would be a wash for them. As for 3rd party of course it will continue but not like it has for the ps2. That is just my thoughts. And I would still think they need to launch first, they might have some brand recognition but against Sony in a uphill fight, that would be interesting.

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Droid Control3792d ago

Ninendo can just keep releasing Wii's. Wii slim, Wii pink, Wii1.5 etc... like they did with the gameboy and are doing with the DSi.

Sony, are fine, most don't even own their console yet, and the install base will grow over the next 2,3, 4 years and beyond.

But with M$, they have pretty much maxed out. The console is cheap, and aging badly. No next-gen disc format, wi-fi, or quality hardware. I think we all know M$ will release the 720 either next year or 2011...

They'll have 'Next-gen' all to themselves.

Elven63792d ago

People were saying the 360 was maxed out with Gears 2 and the cry teck guys are running a engine capable of so much more on the console. Don't believe everything bedroom commentaters tell you, even if it's maxed out so what? The PS2 definitely wasn't the strongest console last generation and look at it now. If the install base and attach ratio is big why not make games for it?

I didn't know wifi was needed for longevity, I guess the wifi adapter in the PS3 is the reason Killzone 2 looked so good? ;)

pangitkqb3792d ago

Honestly, this generation of consoles has more to offer, and not just from a technological point of view, than any preceding. Also, factor in the development costs of both consoles and games and all players involved, industry wide, will benefit from a 6 or 7 year life cycle.

Elven63792d ago

Longer console generations = a wider install base for developers and retailers to make money from, I agree!

pangitkqb3792d ago

But 3 is doable and makes the most financial sense for all 3 console makers. Sony needs that amount of time to get their money back from investing in the PS3, Microsoft can use that time to increase brand recognition and make permanent their place in the gaming world, and Nintendo can use it to rake in the money in preparation for ensuing console generations.

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