Xbox 360 was Midway's Biggest Earner in 2008

That Gaming Site writes: "Midway's 2008 10-K filing revealed that Microsoft's Xbox 360 was the company's biggest revenue earner for 2008. The Xbox 360 accounted for 29.9% of Midway's net revenue during 2008, with the PS3 following close behind at 27.7%."

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pangitkqb3792d ago

That Xbox 360 and PS3 are neck and neck. Additionally, I am confident that Midway will push more resources to the Wii. As much as I would prefer them to focus on only the Hardcore, developing for the Wii is too Cheap, easy, and the market too big for the platform to be ignored.

Elven63792d ago

Hardcore rarly sells on the Wii, they shouldn't do anything Wii exclusive but I guess farming things out won't hurt. Casual is the key for Midway when it comes to Nintendo platforms, Ubisoft isn't pumping out kick ass Tom Clancy titles because they sell up the ass...

Eddie201013792d ago

For a company that is barely staying in business, does it really matter. Xbox 360 has double the install base of the PS3 in the U.S. and only sells two percent(29%) more software for Midway than the PS3(27%).

This is basically a none story.

Midway, make some games that are truly this gen, and make them fun to play and maybe in the future your sales will mean something.

barom3791d ago

Actually kinda surprised considering that PS3 version of MK vs DC sold almost on par with the 360 version (it was in the Life to Date NPD sales article) and that in the US only. I would expect it to do even better outside of the US. But maybe TNA did really well on 360 or something. Or maybe there were some XBLA games that did really well. Kinda weird but oh well, who cares.

Thugbot1873791d ago

Wii will not be getting more support. Reason is it’s not a profitable system for 3rd developers if the title sales less than a million(Credit to HiphopGamer). I think 3rd party developers be picker about what they release on the Wii, overall leading to less support.

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ultimolu3792d ago

Not surprising but what's surprising is that a console this expensive is catching up so quickly in attachment rates.

Elven63792d ago

I'm more surprised at how close the numbers are, usually third parties report huge gaps between consoles. Midway is definitely doing something right.

CaseyRyback_CPO3792d ago

It would be nice, but looking at #'s.. its hardly a desperate requirement right now. Needs to happen one day, but when it makes sense, not just to be a distant-impossible-to-catch-up -to-second behind the wii.

You cant look at the #'s and come to any conclusion that its sink or swim in my opinion. I just wish like the wii versions of games, there were PS3 versions of games that were made that could utilize the system more. A second benefit from MS starting early, is that they have rendered hardware power irrelevant. If the games have to be made on their system, it frankly doesn't matter that a PS3 can run Kz2. All that matters is you can play the same game u can play on a ps3, better than the Ps3 plays that game. No point in doing it now, but it definitely blows to know your games could look like Uncharted/MGS4/kz2, yet they dont.

raztad3792d ago

Wow Im amazed how close those numbers are.


MLB The Show 2009 (exclusive) and MLB 2K9 (multiplat) are very good examples of what you are talking about. The Show simply obliterates 2K9. I think the gap between PS3 exclusives and multiplats will keep growing, at some point third party devels will need to do something about.

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krazy14kraz3792d ago

Not very surprised at that news. Still very interesting though.

Elven63792d ago

I wonder if this will repeat this year, 2008's numbers for Midway completely obliterate anything that came before.

Why dis3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

The success depends on who owns/publishes popular series or not. If a company doesn't have any age old popular series you see the bigger gaps.

Elven63792d ago

TNA iMPACT! was a new series that could have gone either way, from what I recall it sold pretty well on both next gen platforms. Even Mortal Kombat vs. DC sold evenly across both platforms, I guess it just depends on the install base and the quality of the final game.

pangitkqb3792d ago

Although not ALWAYS a guarantee of success, quality is appreciated by gamers on any console.

Elven63792d ago

Exactly, if Midway's previous owners focused on more quality then quantity they might be in a better position. Regardless new management is in and seem to have really enacted policies that greatly differ from the way the Redstone's ran things, hopefully Midway gets out of this and are able to prove naysayers wrong.

ZuperAmazingCooKie3792d ago

Timed exclusives shouldn't count as they will naturally sell more on the console they came out first (like Bioshock and Lost Planet). Gaps that are smaller than the gaps in install base in terms of percentage are not favorable for you either.

Why dis3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

Quality is a selling point depending on what you mean by it and if you are an internet troll/informed gamer or not.

I still think popular series matter more and not so much quality which is sometimes subjective.

PS3 has some popular games that are quality and still don't sell well.

For every game you use to back up your opinion I can post a game that counters it.

The informed gamers/internet fanboy demographics choose based on media hype(scores etc) and rather or not their console is Sponsored or sponsoring the software/game (Sponsor: commercial) – to support an event, activity, or person)

I think it has more to do with how popular the franchise is and the Hyperbole attached to one's favorite console and finally the game itself.

EDIT: Comprehending what I typed is key PS3 has quality games and yet they sell poorly, do you understand?

My track record is flawless.

ZuperAmazingCooKie3792d ago

"For every game you use to back up your opinion I can post a game that counters it. "

Well, go ahead. We're still waiting for you to back any and all of your unsubstantiated claims since you joined. Is there any timed exclusive that did better on the console that released last? Virtua Figher did worse on 360, Lost Planet did worse on PS3, bioshock did worse on PS3. Maybe JRPGs like Eternal Sonata did better on PS3 in japan but I'm not sure about that one.

P.S.: Deluded "examples" don't count.

ZuperAmazingCooKie3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

"Comprehending what I typed is key PS3 has quality games and yet they sell poorly, do you understand?

Comprehending what I asked is giving us concrete examples, do you understand? Besides, why would 3rd party developers or gamers care about how much 1st party games sell? Unless you're talking about 3rd party quality exclusives that didn't sell, which are you talking about? Metal Gear Solid 4? That sold a lot. Name some examples, we're all ears and open to hear them. I don't expect you to mention one though, as you don't have a PS3 and are probably not interested in any one of its games.

"My track record is flawless. "

Yeah, it's flawless because your statements are vacuous, full of hyperbole and unsubstantiated claims that can neither be proven right or wrong. Never thought fanboys had so much in common with creationists.

Keep telling that to yourself though.

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