The Top 7 Most Embarrassing Live-Action Scenes

If you make a bad game, it can only haunt you for so long. All that ties you to failure is a name in the credits – that's not so bad. But star in a game's horrific live-action cut scenes and your image is tarnished forever. Your horrible accent, ridiculous costume, and unmitigated willingness to make an ass of yourself for money are all digitized and archived forever - ripe to be picked out of the interdepths years later just to be mocked.

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pippoppow3793d ago

While most sucked there were a few that were done well. Wing Commander and Gabriel Knight 2 and Under a Killing Moon are examples of FMV done right. Would be nice to see a new high quality FMV game come out although unfortunately unlikely. Sad how as the years moved on instead of building upon genres and expanding set genres, there are less today than before.