FF Versus XIII: Square's Dark Horse or Another Failed Experiment? "Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood, the re-envisioning of Hiromu Arakawa's epic steam-punk manga, kickstarted this past Sunday. In a way, it represents several things: A fresh new start. A chance to remain faithful to the brilliance of not only the source but the quality of the previous adaptation. Square-Enix could very well take this as an indicator of one of the few good things it's done lately (the games side of this trend being Star Ocean: The Last Hope). Going through it's production history, it's easy to see where it began faltering, especially in it's Final Fantasy franchise. When a perpetual turning point is seen, a new property that invigorates fans and gives hope, the company's history of risks becomes more pronounced. What becomes the fate of said property - Final Fantasy Versus XIII - when it's in the hands of both Tetsuya Nomura, Square-Enix's greatest benefactor since Hironobu Sakaguchi, and team members responsible for the mediocrity of recent Final Fantasy titles?"

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- Ghost of Sparta -3788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

The entire Kingdom Hearts and Advent Children teams are developing Versus XIII, with Square-Enix legend Tetsuya Nomura directing the whole thing. It WILL be a failure, if you consider Kingdom Hearts to be a failure as well. Versus XIII is a Hamlet-inspired Kingdom Hearts without the Disney characters and an M rating.

Nike3788d ago

It's off-putting simply because when trying to add an action aspect they fall back on, of all things, the third person mechanics of Dirge of Cerberus, by far the worst FFVII spin-off and FF title ever. Yes, they've worked on Kingdom Hearts and Advent Children (great graphics and fancy sequences ahoy) but they've also fouled up FFX, X-2 and Dirge.

ButterToast3788d ago

I thought it was Romeo & Juliet inspired not Hamlet. hmm i don't know. well whatever its all Shakespeare.

mpmaley3788d ago

Fouled up FFX? Pretty sure it's regarded as one of the best, and if I'm not mistaken Famitsu readers rated it the best. The only thing I don't like about vXIII is that it won't be hitting NA shores until 2010 at the earliest.

Dragun6193788d ago

@ Nike
Dude, did you watch the trailer for Final Fantasy Versus 13? Most of team have been credited with working on Final Fantasy 6,7,8,10, 10-2, and Kingdom Hearts. Iono about you but those were great games especially 10.

Also Dirge of Cerberus was helmed by another director,Takayoshi Nakazato, who was a big fan of Half life thus the reason for it being a shooter. And not Tetsuya Nomura and i assume not his team either as they were working on Kingdom Hearts 2 translation and the Final Mix ver.

I'm pretty sure we can expect a good action rpg from what i have played, Kingdom Hearts Series, as They got it down pretty good. I have Faith in Tetsuya Nomura and his team. They have yet to let me down on any of their games unlike another team.....erm. Tri ace.

LeGenDx3788d ago

and i can already tell this is going to be a classic, the music is down by the KH serius and we all know they had very touching,great music.

LeGenDx3788d ago

when u pause it right before thr yellow glitch thingy, it looks like that artwork is going to be the cover for the ff13vs

ZuperAmazingCooKie3788d ago

"However, they’ve also worked on other less “popular” titles. Final Fantasy X and X-2, Final Fantasy XII, Dirge of Cerberus: FFVII "

FFX, FFX-2 and FFXIII were very big sellers and were also critically acclaimed. I find it hilarious that he puts them in the same sentence as Dirge of Cerberus.

Another blogger trying to pass-off his opinion as a fact.

iamtehpwn3788d ago

Is an unforgettable chapter in Every gamer's life story.

How dare this weaboo discredit it.

caladbolg7773788d ago

After viewing the trailers and reading the info, I'm much more excited about Versus than I am for FF13. Agree/disagree?

Agree for FFv13.
Disagree for FF13.

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Sevir043788d ago

FFX and X-2 were hardly failures or mediocre, in fact they were amazing titles.. so to hell with that. Almost all star developers has a dud in there catalog.. and square are no exception.. if anything I'd Say Versus 13 is Squares best bid only because Tetsuya-san is behind it... he's a visionary just like Legend developer Hideo Kojima....

In anycase I look forward to anything Tetsuya works on. even if it went on to anothet platform. he's simply awesome in what he does.

Nike3788d ago

I'm interested in those special action segments he's planning on including in Versus 13. Supposedly, they're supposed to play like sequences from Advent Children. Imagining that is, impossible.

On another note, probably the weirdest experience I had in FFX2 was when the three girls were bathing and splashing around in bikinis. Made me check the box once more for the T rating. lol. :P

Rmagnus3788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

I must be the only person that think FFX-2 game play was awesome? Able to change class in mid of battle etc... wife thought she was watching sailor moon though the first time she watched me playing it >.<

Sevir043788d ago

to me it was better than FFXII changing class in mid battle was a great way to bring new play styles into battle and made it very strategic.. i loved it.. it was an awesome game.. I hoping They revisit FFIX, I totally think the world of FFIX needs a sequel.

Nike3788d ago

Oh yeah, and I've seen that episode of the new Fullmetal Alchemist. Elric Brothers for the win! :D

Zero Sora3788d ago

I've seen it too. is okay. waiting for more episodes to come out. but yea, ed and al are still awesome. :)

Zero Sora3788d ago

"Hopefully as more is revealed about the game, mystery won’t give way to suspicion, innovation won’t devolve into exasperation and Lucas, the main character, won’t be an over-emotional sissy/prick/jock."

Wow, that's mean. :( If he's referring to Squall or Cloud, I think it's unfair. They've got their issues but then so does every one. Makes them more human and less like fictional characters we'll forget next week.

And I personally like Square-Enix ditching the "epic" stories for more romantic ones. Final Fantasy I-IV didn't have much personality in their characters like the new ones do.

Nike3788d ago

I don't think my leg has ever cramped up when I wanted to talk to the girl i like a la Laguna. Though I totally sympathize with Squall's unsuccessful dancing. :P

Word of caution: Don't say VI had less personality than VII or VIII. Just...don't.

Reibooi3788d ago

I know what you mean. More often then not characters who deal with alot of problems in Japanese RPG's are called emo or sissy or what not when the truth is that they are far more human then anything coming out of characters from other games. Humans have emotions and they deal with them on a daily basis and it's something every human does. Bringing that to the fore front of a character does not make them emo or sissy or what have you it makes them far more human and interesting.

Max Power3788d ago

did SE change the main character name to "Lucas"?i thought it was Noctis.

jackdoe3788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

Rolls eyes. Credibility went out the window when you praised Star Ocean Last Hope. If anything, it is a sign of what Square Enix has done wrong this generation: not leaving enough time for gestation for games. Star Ocean Last Hope could have used a lot more development and localization time. It could also have used a better script.

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