IGN: Tales Update

Following up on last week's early leak, Namco Bandai gathered the press in Tokyo today to formally unveil its lineup of Tales series games for the year 2009.

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gambare3791d ago

what's going on with the lolicon characters trend? the pirate girl is in fact a loli character... I guess I'm missing something :/

truehunter3791d ago

I guess you dont know much about tales series do you ?? Tales of Eternia also had a 12 years old Pirate name Chat aka Chatto. That makes her a loli dosnt it ??? I find it hard to think people say such word with out remebering any of the pass series.

heres n image to refresh your mind.

gambare3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

yes I know but I was expecting something else like the "many years later" version, the rest is just my perverted mind.

jackdoe3791d ago

Twice as much voice acting (everything is voiced now I assume) is pure win. New scenarios is nice as well.