Halo Forerunner Trilogy debuts 2010

Sci-Fi guru Greg Bear will be putting together the lore of the Forerunners in a trilogy of Halo books, the first set to hit shelves in 2010.

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Munky3790d ago

To coincide with launch of Halo 4 ;)

GameOn3790d ago

What about that Peter Jackson Halo?

FantasyStar3790d ago

Wasn't that movie due back in '07? Hm..

SixZeroFour3790d ago

i think they scrapped the movie awhile ago, which sucks...i was actually looking forward to it

but if they did make a movie with the quality of the halo wars cutscenes....i think it would make for an awesome movie

MicroSony4Life3790d ago

said that there was too much pressure to make this movie and that he didn't want to be remembered as the guy that [email protected]#ked up the Halo movie.

Plus can you imagine if the movie sucked, Peter Jackson would have to call the FBI and get a new identity because the HALO colt would burn him on a cross.

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