The Portable Gamer: Sway Review

TPG writes: "From the developers who brought us Touchgrind, we have again another excellent and original creation. Just recently there have been a few apps like this that are pushing what the iDevice can do as a gaming system. This game has the same basic principal as Touchgrind, with the controls being easy to understand, but hours to master and this is the case with Sway. Recently the game was updated to version 1.1 which provided players with 10 more levels and 3 more characters to play with. This bumps the total up to 25 levels and 10 characters to play with. This was a welcome sign as many people complained the game was too short for its $4.99 price tag, but now it is not the case. I have spent many hours on this addicting puzzle game, and still haven't mastered the way of the Sway."

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