Konami Announces Six Days in Fallujah

There have been books, movies, poetry and even rap songs coming out of the war in Iraq. Now, there's going to be a video game, one based on the November 2004 battle in the Iraqi town of Fallouja that left dead 38 U.S. soldiers and an estimated 1,200 insurgents.

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Hydrolex3788d ago

god damit, take the troops out of the war

DTClown3788d ago

Too soon. Pretty insensitive for both sides. What if a game was announced that let you be terrorists and recreate 9/11? All hell would break loose! This is why WWII games are safe, Hitler was a madman hellbent on taking over the world. THE WORLD! He and his regime can be blasted away by their own people and 99% of Germans would not have a problem with it. This is also why IW played it safe with Modern Warfare and hypothetical skirmishes. But a real war, that is for the most part still ongoing... too much. Now give me some more Nazi bastards to blow the fu*k away!

RememberThe3573788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

It's a breath of fresh air to be able to read actual journalism here on N4G.

I think that shooters need this type of realism. This is sounding like the type of shooter that will open peoples eyes to what really goes on over there.

I'm on the other side of the coin. I think it's the perfect time for people to get insight into what we have put these soldiers through. I just hope they make this game as realistic as possible, because, to me, the more arcadey the game the least respectful the game will be.

EDIT: XLiveGamer :"And what about all the civilians that die in a act of genocide?" Wow that question opens a big'ol can of worms doesn't it? It makes me wonder how they're going to approach the idea of civilian killings, accidental or otherwise? That's a really sensitive subject.

XLiveGamer3788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

"There have been books, movies, poetry and even rap songs coming out of the war in Iraq. Now, there's going to be a video game, one based on the November 2004 battle in the Iraqi town of Fallouja that left dead 38 U.S. soldiers and an estimated 1,200 insurgents"

That's a lie... 1,200 insurgents? Was more than that! And what about all those innocent civilians that die in a act of genocide by WMD weapons? Ask any real marines that took part on that fight. Innocent people die inside their houses by the use of Chemical Weapons (White Phosphorus) used by the U.S.

Omegasyde3788d ago

Wow, your misinformed.

The willie pete was used as smoked screens, so our tanks could flank and go into certain alleys. The civilians you talk about were also asked to leave a week into advance with the message being:

"If you are still in the city, we will not be able to protect you."

Fallujah was a nest of insurgents, and many IED "factories" came from that city during that time. The insurgents tried to take the town and use it to stage attack into other areas.

It had to be done, and its sad to see non combatants suffer...but they were warned many times.

Hydrolex3788d ago

who disagreed ? I bet u none of u are soldiers or have a member in ARMY. Bunch of nerd video gamers who dont know $$$$ about WAR.

5 agrees ! probably people who dont want soldiers die for no reason or probably they have a family member that they love to see again

DeadlyFire3786d ago

Actually its 12 now.

Like it or not Hydro they signed up for the War and they did their part. Less troops have died in this war than any other war. Only 38 people died in Fallujah. Around 5 thousand have died in the war. Still a small number considering the population. They each played their part in the war and did what needed to be done. They signed up for it and they are where they should be doing their part in Iraq and Afghanistan. There will be troops over there even after the withdraw period just in smaller numbers with fewer outposts, but still in the country. Obama is moving troops to Afghanistan and looking at Pakistan. We may have another battle coming soon.

We just like the idea of a videogame honoring the soldiers and getting to blast some homicidal Radical Muslims. Its no different than killing Nazis.

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infekt3788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

Agreed. Big f*** up Konami. Also the FPS/TPS genre is too saturated. Im bored of all of this sh!t. Lets get back to gaming and not flaunting bs.

DelbertGrady3788d ago

I wonder if you get to torture innocent iraqis Abu Ghraib style? Maybe publish the photos on Konamis website? lol!

theKiller3788d ago

that is when they wiped out 70% of the city and used all chemicals on every living soul in that city.

Why dis3788d ago

*looks at userpic*

*thinks about motive*

doctorstrange3788d ago

*looks at bubbles*

*thinks about motive*

XGRaViSmOrSX3788d ago

*looks at looking*

*thinks about userpic*

3788d ago
DavidMacDougall3788d ago

I'd play this game it sounds like Advanced War Fighter but you play both sides

CaseyRyback_CPO3788d ago

If there is any sign, any niggle, anything suggesting the title will do anything that could be seen as a positive for Sony... default to the usual argument about how FPS is a tired genre, and no one cares. Well until HaloOSD shows up, or MW2. Thats when all of a sudden no one will have a problem with an fps again.

RememberThe3573788d ago

I know we all seem to hate Why dis's comments, but the is right. #2's comment is unjustified considering that we haven't seen a damn thing of it.

IcarusOne3788d ago

I'm with Why Dis on this one.

This shooter sounds like it has potential. It's refreshing to hear a developer's approach to a war game with context and reality in mind, beyond just the frenzy of war. They're trying to do something important and respectful with this and that has to be appreciated. And for some lame, super-duper douche KZ fanboy to just dismiss it is so typical.

If you honestly think KZ is the greatest shooter ever made, then you have my sympathies. And my pity. And absolutely no class or taste whatsoever.

SprSynJn3788d ago

"If you honestly think Halo is the greatest shooter ever made, then you have my sympathies. And my pity. And absolutely no class or taste whatsoever."


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Zeus Lee3788d ago

I don't think this was a good idea.

himdeel3788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

I'm sure if you told someone that you were making a game about WW2 while it was still happening it probably would be considered in poor taste. However you could argue any game about war is in poor taste. Last I heard you kill people in the FPS genre.

Even while there has been are no shortage of WW2 FPS canon across all platforms and this game while it's timing may be unsettling for some, really is no different. Maybe in twenty or forty years this particular game wont be considered in bad taste and will sound like a better idea.

For now this game or the idea of it is questionable...

theKiller3788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

and how the marines then slaughter the entire city(70% of the city looked black from satellite pictures).

in the first battle the mojahadeens were coming from the River to Falluja and kicking the bots marines in the first battle, but them the marines took their revenge on the livings of that city, not even an ant could escape their gases and chemicals!

i just hope the game will not take one side of the equation and neglect/show how bad these fighters are as always! because some of them r fighting to protect their families and for their country!

Omegasyde3788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

We didn't get slaughtered wow.

We faced heavy resistance but we didn't get slaughtered.

They knew we were coming because we dropped leaflets a week before battle. The sh%% was alittle like "Black hawk down". We didn't use gas to kill them. We called in cobra's and artillery. The smokes was not intentional.

Killer, most of the mofo's there were were trying to capatalize on the instability after the invasion. Smugglers were selling Ak's, people were all taking hostages, and there were raiding parties going after
convoys from other countries.

Wow. Arm chair generals.

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