The Portable Gamer: Arctic Shuffle Review

The Portable Gamer writes: "Damned penguins, they're everywhere. Ever since March of the Penguins inexplicably charmed audiences into loving penguins, America has been suffering Penguin Hysteria. There were those penguins in Madagascar, Happy Feet, and Surf's Up, which I thought was a joke when I first saw commercials for it. What is the big deal with penguins? Are they trying to charm us so they can take over the universe? At least I had a safe haven from the coming penguin uprising on my iPod touch, it would all be OK…wait, what's this game I'm getting a code to review in my inbox? Arctic Shuffle? Hm, sounds interesting. What? Penguins? DO NOT WANT! OK, guess I'll play it, this game's pretty neat…ooh, penguins can get blown up, it's not so bad! I love you, penguins! I accept you, penguins, as our lords and masters, tell us what you would have us do!"

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