DS Review: Boing! Docomodake | The Portable Gamer

TPG says, "Docomodake is something of a japanese-targeted game. Why? The main characters in the game are all from the same Japanese company, NTT DoCoMo. The characters themselves are reiterations of the mascot for the company, which is the most popular Japanese mobile telecoms network. The weirdest thing about it is, unlike Crazy Frog Racing and PETA Mama, this one is worth your time."

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roblef3793d ago

Looks like a fun game, esp if you have kids. And the price is right!

CrAppleton3793d ago

Looks like an AWESOME game for kids

roblef3793d ago

Mascot themed DS games. What WILL they think of next. Thorough review, Mr. Bowden-Smith!

CrAppleton3793d ago

They keep the crazy ideas coming.. and we'll keep buying

bgrundman3793d ago

You certainly can't beat the price!