New Ninja Gaiden Sigma Details Released - More To Come reports:

"You know, it's not very likely that a game is remade just a few years after its release. But it's also not very likely for a remade game to receive an overhaul instead of just an upgrade. That is precisely what Ninja Gaiden Sigma is bringing to the table; a complete overhaul that shares few similarities with the original. As we anticipate this overhaul, Tecmo has thrown a bunch of new details our way. In fact, so many details that we had to dedicate an entirely new and updated preview for the game."

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highps35251d ago

Cant wait until this comes out. Wish they had a release date.

silent ninja5251d ago

tis is my best game of last gen looking forward to ng2

Bhai5251d ago

...NOT much similar to original Ninja Gaiden as:

"a complete overhaul that shares few similarities with the original"...HaHaHa !!!

So with
-Two worlds,
-Enchanted Arms and
-Saint's Row,
here's another would be Microsoft exclusive franchise based title totally fixed upon PS3 ! GREAT !!! and its only the first year of PS3 !

Well, TheMART, here's the proof that its a total Over-Hauled title rather than a mere upgrade. Its with full HD support, dual weilding weapons, more stages, downloadable content and such.

I could care less for Devil May Cry 4 as now I know that all it takes to run are 2 cores of a processor, just like Gears of war, so there goes the hype, but yeah, with Oblivion and Sigma, it ain't bad for the first year of PS3 when even the current-gen PS2 is still alive and kicking !!!
(reminding of the time when original xbox died when it only had ninja gaiden and Halo 2 alone, and the agony thereafter of MS fanboys really bring-in shivers to me...that is, shivers of joy...HaHaHa).

techie5251d ago (Edited 5251d ago )

Bhai that's poor. Come on dude. DMC4 is still on the's not like you've lost it. It's still there. No need to vent anger here - because the 360 hasn't lost Ninja Gaiden either, they get number 2. The 360 is triple core and double threaded. Crysis is made to run on a dual that's a little silly.

It's true that titles that aren't paid for are going to both sides.

Anyway Ninja Gaiden!? Ah so many games I want. I'm gonna be soo poor.

4me2...doh was just about to say you fool that's what i said. But mistype! fixed

4me25251d ago

360 has 3 cores and each of them has 2 hardware threads.

highps35251d ago

And thats exactly how the RSX was built more calculations per clock as opposed to ATI just pushing max frame rates.

ALIEN5251d ago

I think NINJA GINDEN is better than DMC even though i love DMC series.

lilwingman5251d ago

Ok, I've been reading so much news about this game, I must finally ask: what is a NG game like? I've never played one, and this game sounds like it has a lot of ptential.

techie5251d ago

Ninja Gaiden 92% and Ninja Gaiden Black 94% (gamerankings)


Oooh I'm excited about this hehe. Want to see footage pleease.

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