GamesAreEvil's Release of the Week: The Godfather II

GamesAreEvil writes, "Games based on movies are typically a disappointment to the general video game audience. They exist mostly as a form of advertisement for the movie itself. Developers are strictly limited in their creative freedom and rushed by strict deadlines. It is not often that a game based on a movie is ever taken seriously..."

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evadw3788d ago

Say hello to my sequel, friend.


bgrundman3788d ago

That was painful... truly painful

supercharger51503788d ago

LOL, you'll find a horse head in your bed for that one!

CrAppleton3788d ago

So.. yeah.. I got nothing on that

supercharger51503788d ago

Hmmm, looks somewhat interesting given my love of the movies and the mob but I need to see more

bgrundman3788d ago

They are adding a whole new game mode as well as online multiplayer.

CrAppleton3788d ago

Well.. I'm not sure you want more from this franchise.. seriously..

yz2503787d ago

i liked gta 4 though too. yes it was over hyped, but gta4 isn't the only game this gen so far that hasn't been over hyped. i really like the execution moves :)