DSi - fourth fastest selling console in UK history!

Speaking to MCV and today, GfK-ChartTrack's Chris Poole has revealed that Nintendo's DSi became the fourth fastest-selling console in UK history over its opening weekend, only being outdone by the opening weekends of PSP, PS3 and Wii. DSi outsold the original DS which now drops to fifth place in the fastest selling list with around 100,000 units sold in the first two days on sale.

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PirateThom3790d ago

Considering the only consoles that sold better on launch weekend were PSP, PS3 and Wii that an amazing feat for what is, essentially, a revamped DS.

SpoonyRedMage3790d ago

Yup they even said that the release was smaller than a new system's release would be because it's just an update(a rather impressive one in my opinion).

I wonder what the next major step will be like.

Tempist3790d ago

Hahahahahaaha... 4th. Awful. It basically out did itself for the same position. That's absolutely terrible IMHO. 4th is basically a participation ribbon.

I wonder if they'll count returns against this # of units sold.

Zeus Lee3790d ago

Another well-deserved achievement for Nintendo.

Now if only Golden Sun 3 was on your To-Do list,you would have my money in a heartbeat.

XLiveGamer3790d ago

This thing its cool but ¿ $170 ? when i already spend $130 on lite last year with Ninja Gaiden DS copy.

No sir i found it too expensive!

mrdxpr23790d ago

hey is ninja gaiden for DS good ???? i got a DSi yesterday and the only game i got is Sonic and mario at the olimpics...

2FootYard3790d ago

I'll buy this eventually because I need to replace that monstrosity DS Phat that I'm still using.

kwicksandz3790d ago

a friend has a phat, i always give it a disgusted glance when i see it. DS LITE FTW!

jay23790d ago

Hell they must have made a F of a lot of them beceause you can walk in to any shops round here in London and buy one.

mint royale3790d ago

here in Manchester. Maybe I haven't looked hard enough.

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