Fight Night Round 4 - Physics Gameplay Engine Sizzle Trailer

The new physics gameplay engine for Fight Night Round 4. Delivering boxing action like you have never seen before with true inside fighting, punching through blocks, glancing blows, and dynamic blood, sweat, and tears. Punching is faster than ever before.

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IQUITN4G3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

This is all very well but does it actually feel like you're impacting this time.All Fight Nights iv'e played have always looked great but unlike games like Virtual Fighter or Dead or Alive say, hits half the time feel like they haven't even made contact - the whole thing ends up feeling like you're in no way boxing at all

Funny enough this is never brought up as a complaint yet it's obviously a very real flaw

dznutz003789d ago

i know what u mean but i still cant wait to get my hands on this game i love boxing games and i loved FNR3 most of all because the started to get real with it but they look like the made the nessesary improvements to FNR4 i just hope that the boxers dont get to slow in the later rounds like FNR3 and the online is way better they need to make it so u can fight button mashers vs button mashers and sticks vs sticks and a mixed rooms