Home v1.20 delayed due to "serious bug"

PS3 Attitude writes: "TedTheDog, Home Community Manager from the Official European PlayStation Forums, has informed gamers that Home update version 1.20 will be delayed.

Last week we informed you that the update for PlayStation Home was due this Thursday, however, you may have to wait around two weeks before it lands onto PS3s worldwide.

A serious bug was found during testing, which means that it will have to be fixed and then go through testing all over again."

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Spike473791d ago

and the only reason worth logging in is to meet up with clan members or online friends otherwise there is no reason to be there unless you want to hit on virtual girls that are actually guys.

Godmars2903791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

But posting in the wrong area.

On topic: Thought that Xi was the latest

whoelse3791d ago

Don't disrespect my homie avatar :)

RareNimbus3791d ago

"there is no reason to be there unless you want to hit on virtual girls that are actually guys."

LOL, props to you Spike47.

shazam3791d ago

Those who have pretended to be a girl on home say "I"...



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Socomer 19793791d ago

youre crazy, lol.
dude, its my avatar thats doing stuff like walking, running, sitting and dancing.
i feel like youre disrespecting me with all the time i spend in home meeting people, playing games and representing myself in this virtual universe.
for me, its like a rpg mmo especially like with xi. i gather a group of adventurers and roll out.
I have a good imagination right? if we had met in home you'd be like "OMG MAGNUM-RAM IS SO COOL"! I LOVE HIM AND I LOVE HOME !

ChozenWoan3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

is mostly due to the fact that they want to hit on girls, but feel ashamed to be tricked by dudes. Then they just bash Home in general due to their over eagerness to meet their one true love being smashed by some 7yr old Chicks-a-Dude. The sad part is, half of the cross dressers will have a name like JacknJill or MassKiller, Yet no one ever looks at their name until they change back into a guy. lol

Me, I just go around playing a grey haired ninja or pirate who is a dirty old man at parties. Ladies love the gray hair as it's a sign of character and maturity. ;P

But to be honest, I treat chicks like dudes and just hang out and talk crazy to them as if they are one of the homiz. Just by doing that and acting like I have some common sense, I've met quite a few chicks who are actual chicks. Of coarse, I don't expect anything special of the chicks due to everyone living far away. Therefore I don't get my heart crushed from trying to have an unrealistic relationship with these chicks. It's as simple as that to have a good time in Home.

XtreemGamer3791d ago

I like the PS Home,it is getting better every day... More spaces are coming,and the spaces are always full with people.
There's nothing wrong with the delay,it will be fixed and the update will be great.

Rich16313791d ago

I haven't been on Home since the day it came out, because I find it to be pointless and boring but hey, good news for the peps who actually use it. Although, I still feel Home is a waste of Sony's time and money.

BigKev453791d ago

Yeah, Home is not that good. Sony should just spend their time getting PSN up to Xbox Live standards.

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The story is too old to be commented.