Microsoft: 96% Of Netbooks Run Windows

Officials at Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) claim that the company in recent months has made stunning gains in the market for netbooks -- low-cost laptop computers that are optimized for simple tasks like surfing the Web and e-mailing.

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DJ3791d ago

"When they realize their Linux-based netbook PC doesn't deliver that same quality of experience, they get frustrated and take it back," said LeBlanc.

Using Vista-based complaints on their competitors? That's surprising.

Ghoul3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

giggle :D

ms is like a soap, i can almost hear the cheering studio crowed whenever anything comes from ms.

XxZxX3791d ago

the 96% want to play games on the netbook. Have anybody tried Vista on Notebook? SLOW!!

ChampIDC3791d ago

Yup, the only reason I have a netbook with Windows XP is so I can run games and other applications.

Genesis53791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

How can anybody cheer for a monopoly like that? Well except for MS.

SL1M DADDY3791d ago

Running Linux is all I need it for.

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pansenbaer3791d ago

It feels good to be that 4 percent running Linux. :)

Fishy Fingers3791d ago

I must be going against the grain. I'm using Linux. Much better for a netbook, performance wise.

I guess the reason most go for the Windows option is fear of the unknown. Shame.

pansenbaer3791d ago

Makes perfect sense. Its more sad with netbooks because they make it as simple as can be. You try to install your own Linux distro, you might run into some problems. Besides, Tux Racing is better than anything in Windows games... :)

Cenobia3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

That is actually very true. I had been messing with Linux on my PS3 (and PC to an extent), but I feel like I need Windows as a safety net. I also want my computer to be able to run MS Office/Adobe Suite. Linux may be able to do that already, I don't know, but Open Office was all I heard about back when I was tooling around with it. I never really got around to trying it.

I would love to transfer to Linux, but it can get pretty complicated with all the different types, learning commands, adjusting, etc.

If I had a notebook I think I'd definitley run Linux (at least as the primary OS of a dual boot system).

DJ3791d ago

Just last week Arstechnica posted an article stating Linux has 30% of the Netbook market. What they're probably doing is counting the number of licenses, not the number of Windows OS's in use, and then comparing that to total netbooks sold.

They did the same thing with Vista. Claimed hundreds of millions of people were using it, when in reality almost no one was.

Sibs3791d ago

Yep, I bet they got something like 101% and then realized they should dial it down so it should make sense, while not doubting the numbers they actually got.

I bet they classify netbooks as cheap notebooks that run on windows.

PS360WII3791d ago

hundreds of millions of people bought a computer with vista pre-installed on it and then put their own OS on it later... oh I meant stayed with vista...

dragunrising3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

I doubt the figures as well. I was just thinking where I had heard Linux had 30% market share in netbooks. Thanks for remembering the source.

I don't think anyone will ever know what the true stats are. I bought a netbook with Xandros (eee PC) and promptly installed Ubuntu eee. On the opposite side of the spectrum a friend of mine got the same netbook (eee pc 1000) and "had to" install Windows XP. I think it will be most interesting to see what impact Windows 7 will have on netbooks. My only concern is that currently Windows 7 prototype for netbooks only allows you to run 2 applications simultaneously. Its great that there are options however.

KingJames19063791d ago

Here's proof

"Microsoft reported net profit of $4.29 billion, a 23 percent rise compared with a year earlier."

I can understanding hating the Evil Corp Microsoft, but (from your past comments) why do you LOVE Sony, they are just as evil, both are large mega corporations looking for guess what, PROFIT.

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