No More Excuses: XBox 360's Lack of Browser

The Power Review: Xbox Live is touted as the premiere online experience on consoles, and understandably so. This service has had a year headstart on both the Nintendo Wii and Sony Playstation 3. They offer services that are unparalleled by either of their competitors, thus are able to charge a premium for access to such exclusive offerings. However, despite all of this, there is still one key essential that the XBox Live Experience is missing: a browser!

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Pennywise3786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

Ok.. this story is out of control. Learn the rules for this website!! If you are going to hawk on missing features, it is only valid if those features are missing on the PS3. If they are you are allowed to post a new article once a day... but if it is missing from the 360 - SHUT YO MOUTH FOOL!

/SUPERSARCASMRANT! lol thanks UNCyrus!

I do find it funny that the company that has an actual browser is missing one on their console.

UNCyrus3786d ago

lol... you left out a "/rant" at the end of that one Pennywise

Blaze9293786d ago

maybe becuase it doesnt need one? plus who really wants to run Internet Explorer o_0

UNCyrus3786d ago

why wouldn't you want to run or Youtube straight off your console onto your bigscreen.. think about it...

nightelfmohawk3786d ago

uh... the feature isn't missing from PS3. PS3 has a web browser. Granted it's not Windows, but PS3 is made by Sony, not M$, the company that makes Windows. Furthermore, PS3 has the option to run free linux operating systems, another feature the 360 lacks.

Pennywise3786d ago

lol @ nightelfmohawk. L2Read. I thought my rant was funny, you just topped mine.

Godmars2903786d ago

You're forgetting the little detail that such a browser would be based on its big brother.

You think people are talking/complaining about RRoD now...

majorsuave3786d ago

Console browsers suck at the moment, If you use a controller to browse it just plain suck, and if you're willing to hook on a Keyboard and mouse, then, while you're at it, bring the whole PC to the living room, all them HDTVs have a vga or a free hdmi anyway.

KingME3786d ago

The 360 doesn't need a browser. In addition, perhaps Microsoft doesn't want people creating malicious pages and then xbl user wind up click on some malicious link and causing problems.

I personally don't think a browser is a highly needed feature for a gaming console. As a matter of fact, I don't even see it as a secondary feature.

If the 360 had a browser, I would very very seldom use it. If I need to really surf the net, I'd go using my desktop or my laptop.

That's just my take on it.

johnnywit3786d ago

I would love to have a browser on my 360. I don't pay for cable and my wife and I watch our favorite shows on hulu. It's nice on the computer monitor but I would rather watch it on my 42 inch TV. Before someone says connect your computer to your TV my compter is up stairs. This has been my biggest compiant with the 360 since day 1. It just doesn't make since that MS has a Browser and doesn't use it for the 360.

Trollimite3786d ago

the media is calling M$ bullcrap. i cant believe it

let the disagrees begin

edgeofblade3786d ago

The ONLY reason anyone would say the 360 needs a browser is because the PS3 and Wii have theirs. That's not a justification. That's just mindless feature mongering. It doesn't make any console any better... unless you are a freshly launched PS3 in need of a workaround store front end. God, the web store was a nightmare...

There is no good reason to have a gimped browser on any of these consoles, especially when they can't seem to manage to run decent web applications like Pandora. Why can't people just use their damn computer?

Pennywise3786d ago

There is no good reason to have a gimped browser on any of these consoles, especially when they can't seem to manage to run decent web applications like Pandora


See my reasons for LOVING the PS3 browser is I can go to sites like Youtube, Hulu, PANDORA, funnyordie, check my email, check myspace, read/comment on N4G, check the news all without firing up my PC.

PS3 runs Pandora FINE. Just like a PC. All of those sites mentioned above run just like they do on a PC, ill informed N4G poster. I love when people go around posting "facts" when they dont even have a clue.

4Sh0w3786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

Web browsers on consoles suck, never seen complaints or alot of requests in any forums about wanting a web browser. If its that important to you use media center.

The object isn't to add features to your console just because the competition has it, the object is to add features to your console that the online community really wants and adds to the online experience of the games/services.

FamilyGuy3786d ago

Of course the 360 needs a web broswer, im on my PS3s web broswer RIGHT NOW and I usually use it to browse this site among others.
I also have a pc hooked up to this same tv (47" HD, livingroom) but I still choose to browse certain sites with my PS3 because it's MORE convenient.
The zoom feature on the PS3s web broswer lets me sit back with my wireless controller and relax while reading or zoom in on online videos instead of straining my eyes to see/sitting two feet away staring at a 47 inch screen. It has support for wireless keyboards as well (something M$ should also add if this ever gets added).

Those saying it's not needed only say so because they don't know what they've never had. Just like the claim the "Live" is better, you'll never know till you've tried it.
I can download shows directly to the system instead of transferring them.

btw, the ps3 kinda has two web broswers because "folding at home" lets you browse the internet too.

KingME3786d ago

No dude, no one is crazy! Here a typical scenario for me. My PC is off, My 360 is off. Scenario 1: Oh you know what I feel like playing a game. Guess what I do, I turn on my 360 and I play a game.

Scenario 2: Oh you know what I feel like going to N4G, Hulu, etc. Guess what I do, I turn on my PC.

I bought my console to play games on it, all that other crap like folding and surfing the net is secondary. Yeah I know folding is a good thing. But I'm not doing it, because I don't want to tie up my computer to do it. (yeah i know what a dirt bag...whatever) But, I would like to thank you for helping society, which give me time to play games on my console. The EXACT purpose for me buying it.

I think that people that make a big deal about having a browser on their console is a person, that obviously don't play very many games. (because I'm sure the PS3 can't play a game while folding in the background) If I'm not gaming, my console is OFF!

FamilyGuy3786d ago

1. My PS3 loads up faster than my pc
2. My PS3 is usually on because it's multi-functional
3. Using the zoom button say youtube makes videos unwatchable on my pc and the PS3s zoom-in-on-anything feature fixes that.
4. I play games daily but usually online and I can't do both because my connection would drop and people would be reluctant to play with me.

I'll give you a senario;
I'm online with friends playing and im ready to get off and go to bed. I want to check my emails before sleep so I simply quit my game, go to the browser and check my bookmarked email address.
No need to fire up the pc or switch my tvs video input to pc or get up from where im sitting and go to a pc to simply check my mail.

It's convenient, that is all.

NegativeCreepWA3786d ago

Checking my Live friends list is the only use I've found for the PS3 browser. Its to slow compared to my laptop to do any more. I wouldn't mind one on the 360 so I could do the same with the PSN site.

kwicksandz3786d ago

not really a very good fanboy bullet point here.

Every time i have tried the ps3 browser it was sluggish,ran out of memory and didnt display certain pages correctly.

Watching zero punctuation videos on it is a very painful experience. If your gonna add a half arsed browser to your console might as well not have one. And even if one day MS does add IE to their console i wouldnt use it cause i love firefox sooo much!

Shepherd 2143786d ago

Ooh god!!! no browser on the 360!!! My laptop is beside me when i play my games but im still complaining about no browser!! I cant get up and walk to my desktop, so id rather walk to my desktop anyways and complain about no browser on the 360!!!!! JESUS CHRIST I THOUGHT THE 360 WAS A COMPUTER, NOT A GAMING CONSOLE!!!!!!!!!!

PS, im pretty sure the PS3's browser sucks balls compared to a browser on PC, just so you know.

Tony P3786d ago

I could really take it or leave it on any console. Internet can be accessed by oh so many devices these days, even from the palm of your hand.

Although, to be fair... If I can get the internet through so many channels like Wii, PS3, iPhone, DS, DSi, PSP, even an old Dreamcast, etc. Why not 360?

BattleAxe3786d ago

If MS were to put Internet Explorer on the 360, then they would probably have a bad problem with viruses.

andron3786d ago

Lets get that BSOF and IE on it now....

SIdepocket3785d ago

Because SO many people browse on their console.

Last time I checked stats, even Netscape was getting more usage than the PS3 browser (something like .01% of browser hits on the internet come from PS3s)

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GiantEnemyCrab3786d ago

Hook yourself up to Windows Media Center and download MCEBrowser and there is your Xbox 360 browser. Yeah, it runs like crap but so do the browsers on the other consoles. I can't count how many "out of memory" type errors I get in the PS3 browser just going to a few websites.

Pennywise3786d ago

PS3 browser is leaps and bounds better than what it used to be. I have not had an memory error message in a long time. The last few FW updates fixed that. You can have 5 or 6 different pages open at a time.

Its nice not to have to open up media center and have a PC powered on just to check the internet.

UNCyrus3786d ago

since the Flash 9 update, I've had no problems with the browser at all... Almost every firmware update adds some new feature to the browser

Why dis3786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

Kind of funny mostly PS3 fans are the ones worried about it. They're trying to bash a console because the software company that owns the console is trying to get people to buy their PC OS and won't include an browser on their console lol.

I wouldn't put a resource sucking browser on a console you know anti american Europeans would try to hack and destroy either.

Browsers on the consoles is cool thing to talk about but all of them are garbage(poor quality on many fronts).

edgeofblade3786d ago

All Microsoft would have to do to demolish the PS3 and Wii browsers would be to enable applications like Pandora to run properly. Done.

Pennywise3786d ago

edgeofblade, come to my house... I will go to on my PS3.... I will search for a heavy metal music channel and bang your head? k.

FamilyGuy3786d ago

I have a megashares account, so when new episodes of Family Guy come out I can download them straight to my PS3 in under 2 minutes (they're about175mbs). Usually an hour or two before they even air on tv in my state and commercial free. No mouse, keyboard or sitting burn-my-retinas close to the tv. They're playing on my big screen with no need to transfer them from a pc or deal with even turning on the pc to get them.

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Monsignor3786d ago

This has been a feature on the PS3 since the beginning and every time it is brought up in a fanboy discussion, all the 360 owners say that a browser is stupid and a browser isn't needed on a game system. But, I'm sure if they all were just to be honest with themselves, they would tell the world they are all dying for a browser on their 360. I think Microsoft (a software company) could put out a browser that was two times better than the PS3's. And there is no doubt in my mind, that when and if they do, they'll be touting that in fanboy discussions across the net. Two-faced, all of them.

The 360 needs a browser, period!

ape0073786d ago

the most important thing is the online experience which live beats

a browser is a browser,sure it's better to have but you can browse anywhere

sony enhance psn

I love my ps3 but sony come on

Socomer 19793786d ago

Ps3 has in game browsers with several games already.
my favorite is the MGO rewards shop and burnout paradise and HOME XI.
Its quite useful and can make games LARGER.

Grown Folks Talk3786d ago

Why would they want to put a browser on the 360 when they want you to own a 360 but still buy a windows pc? Yes Sony makes computers, but what browser is installed on them? Not Sony explorer. Sony is just started to add the option to buy movies in HD from the Playstation Store. Why not right away? Because they wanted people to buy Blu-Ray movies.

Pennywise3786d ago

Oh so being it is MS's business plan to make people spend more money to have all the features that they want, its ok? I get it now...

Ok well im off to buy a 360 and a pc so I can browse the web on my 360.

Grown Folks Talk3786d ago

I'm not saying they shouldn't put 1 on the 360. I'm stating why they would choose not to.

GrandTheftZamboni3786d ago

Yeah, screw this sofa and 32 inch TV. Let me sit on a chair and browse the web on 19 inch monitor.

UNCyrus3786d ago

that's exactly the point... there's NO reason for them not to have one...

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