Metal Severly Underused in Video Game Soundtracks

Andrew Weymes of The Nightly Gamer writes: "There was a time when music in video games consisted of only a few blips and bleeps. Over the past ten years, video game soundtracks have become more of a necessity in regards to setting the mood and feeling of a particular game. Of all the genres of music out there, none have been as underused as metal. Developers always seem to take the safe route when crafting a soundtrack for an action game. The standard has been electronica, rock and hip hop. Modern metal bands are capable of evoking immense amounts of emotion from its listeners and it would seem that the genre is just dying to be used properly in an exciting action game."

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TheHater3787d ago

who only listen to Metal, I really could care less. If I want to listen to metal, I have them on my Computer or on CD.

MrWeymes3787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

I couldn't disagree more. I would much prefer hearing a good metal soundtrack over another generic one. I guess the same could go for film. I don't hear a lot of good metal in movie soundtracks either. You just get the occasional rock band that makes a metal-esque track, but that's it.

- Ghost of Sparta -3787d ago

Sad, because metal > techno, rap, and everything else.

MrWeymes3787d ago

So true, Ghost. While I appreciate other genres of music, metal is my absolute favorite. It doesn't get enough credit. Most people feel as though it is not rhythmatic enough and that the vocals are too hard to understand. I feel like it's the most honest display of emotion in music.

ParanoidMonkey3787d ago

Although it does relate to the subject at hand... Anyone ever tell you that you look like Chuck Schuldiner?

MrWeymes3787d ago

My girlfriend has literally screamed his name while we were in the middle of naughty business.

Shadow Flare3787d ago

I think one of the best metal soundtracks in a game has got to be Thunder Force IV. Not all of the music is metal but it has one of the best soundtracks of any game ever

blackpanther253787d ago

It depends on what emotion, but that can be said about any type of music. It is based more on how the listener relates to the song of their respected genres

But yeah i feel games should branch out more and put all kinds of music in games. I just happen to be that type of person that listens to all genres of music

UnwanteDreamz3787d ago

I just play metal in the background when I play shooters.

Avenged Sevenfold3787d ago

Exactly. I listen to all genres in metal, nu-metal, metalcore, heavy metal, thrash. Although I would like to see some As I lay Dying, Trivium, Megadeth, and A7X's old stuff on Rock Band or GH. :). Metal is very misunderstood and judged way too quickly. I think it has some of the more meaningful lyrics and most talented musicians.

Grandizer3787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

If I think a genre is 'underplayed' I can push that xbox button, flip to the media blade and fire up any mp3 playlist I want... it just replaces in game music.

I mean, there is a lack of Motorhead/Turbonero/Supersucke rs type of hard rock too and a serious lack of bluegrass as well and a lack of good old fashion jazz also... and did I mention 60s garage rock?

Why only Heavy Metal gets the attention here? That linked website is dedicated to sub 22 gamers?

Oh and yes, I believe there is too much hip hop

Sarcasm3787d ago

Umm... Music is all personal preference and to say one is better than the other is quite narrow minded.

na2ru13787d ago

Not all of us are grungers. I much rather prefer listening to the so-called blips than noise being made by a mad man.

UltraNova3787d ago

I have been a metal-head since 9 years old! I live Metal I breath Metal!

Some would argue that if they want to listen to really really really good music aka METAL they can listen to their own collection... I on the other hand would like to listen to Metal during my favorite games!

Take Killzone 2 for instance, imagine when you first drop on Hellgan and all those bullets and debris are whizzing by you head and you listen to heavy metal! I would feel as if I was invisible!

Good music definitely immerses you further in your gaming experience...

But it all comes down to personal taste really...

Maxned3787d ago

Metal = meh.

Classic Rock = Hell yea!

hay3787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

Ever Played Guilty Gear series? It prooves how awesome and adrenaline pumping metal/rock soundtrack can be in a game. Otherworld form FFX rocked my world back then, Painkiller music was pretty neat too.
I'm still hoping to hear some Samael awesomeness in some great game.

Frnicatr3787d ago

Trance, industrial - the two genres that I play during gaming, fast paced music is something I cannot live without.


TheRealSpy3787d ago

There's too little Bluegrass in gaming.

MrWeymes3787d ago

I agree that there isn't enough C*ckman Family in gaming. lol

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c0nflikt3787d ago

I like primal fear, but i wouldn't like metal in games.

mabreu3787d ago

That "boy band" sound turned me off. I would love to have heavy metal in games OTHER THAN ROCKBAND. Techno/Electronica works very well for me, too.

Mindboggle3787d ago

Have you played burnout paradise, almost all their songs are metal and it fits perfectly, some stupid talentless rapper doesnt deserve to be on any soundtrack.

Killswitch Engage /End of story

Scelestus3787d ago

... metal is rare in AMERICAN games.

JBaby3433787d ago

But then I don't like metal so there ya go. Although I do remember NFS:Underground having metal in it.

IcarusOne3787d ago

That might be why I turned off the in-game soundtrack. No thanks on the metal.

darthpat103787d ago

how awesome it would be to be wasting people with Lamb of Gods "Contractor" blaring out over all the bullets.

I think i just exploded.

UnwanteDreamz3787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

Download the song on a PS3 then while in game hit the PS button and play the track. I listen to LoG while on KZ if the players in my match aren't using headsets.

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