GameFocus: The Last Remnant PC Review

GameFocus writes: "Should those gamers who own or finished the Xbox 360 version of The Last Remnant buy the PC version (if their PC can run it) of the game? To put it simply yes if you enjoyed the game because the gameplay graphical issues have been fixed and the new features offered in the PC version of the game make it a worthwhile game to own again and replay because the PC version is by far the superior version of the game in every way."


+ Graphics are outstanding
+ Very good audio and voice over work
+ New gameplay mechanics are superior to the console version
+ You can play with a gamepad (Woo Hoo)
+ Great beginning game which should launch a long running series
+ Many of the characters in the game are very well designed, acted and are memorable


- No voice over work for all speaking parts
- Forced widescreen not great for 4:3 monitors
- Difficulty is easier than the 360 but still at times can be very hard and even much harder than previous fights
- Lead character is still immature and annoying compared to the rest of the cast of characters
- Not a RPG for newbies to start playing on

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