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DeforMAKulizer3788d ago

WOOO!!!! I loved the first!!! =D
Can't wait to see the new game! W00t!

chaosatom3788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

There were some reasons:

--Combat makes no sense at all. There is really no skill. POP had better combat than this.

--The objectives seemed pointless and dull.

--Using stealth seemed like a waste of time.

--Environments become dull after the 2 or so mission.

--There isn't anything to do interesting in the city.

I'll pass unless they do MAJOR improvements. The game just didn't interest me after i played uncharted, and prince of persia.

PS360PCROCKS3788d ago

Chaos. I agree. I REALLY liked AC, but it was repetitive in every sense of the word. I think they spent so long trying to perfect everything, they forgot the gameplay. It was fun as hell just to go whereever you want though. I hope in the sequel they can really expand it and do some more interesting things.

locos853788d ago

Well we do know it has something to do with the Animus again. So I expect a dual story like the 1st game, switching between Today and the past

Domenikos3788d ago

AC was a great idea but they really need to improve a lot if they want my money back.

Sharpshell3788d ago

i never got into AC at all and most of my friends LOVE it... I always felt lie kthe game basically played itself, especially the so called climbing. Yet it was hard to be "stealthy" due to weird controls and there was zero reward. ITs much easier to jsut kill everyone and walk away. I never understood why people love this game.

Alvadr3788d ago

I agree with every point that Chaos made.. But why do I still like the game.

I think its the mystery surrounding the story that drove it forward for me.. I was pritty much playing just to watch the next cutscene. Also the concept of tapping into your ancestors memories through your own brain is awesome.

Hopefully they will build on the first games shortfalls and make the second one a truly epic experiance.

Freak of Nature3788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

I agree,I cannot wait to see and then play the next one.

The first one to me was a "flawed masterpiece".

The number 1 thing they need to do,is make sure the game has no "repetitive" gameplay.At all costs,throughout the game have nothing repeated.Number 1 rule in their plans.Keep it fresh!

On my wish list: .....I would love to see the rumored swimming mode added.Along with a MGS style stealth mode added to what they had.Will flight be possible...Batman style?...As I said,a wish list...

The missions/objectives and fighting should be tweaked,improved upon,but thats something I think they can do if they listen to the fans,the climbing/platforming were real nice,and I am interested to see what they can improve upon on this...Possibly short gliding distances.Batman style?

I wonder if the setting will be in Venice? Muskets added to the weapons list?

Cant wait for more info...

Anon19743788d ago

Eurogamer is prepping a PS3/360 comparison of the website as we speak!

I'll save you having to read it though. Even though you can't view the website on the 360 because it doesn't have a browser - Eurogamer will still say the 360 website for Assassin's Creed 2 looks better on the 360.

If it were Gametrailers, they'd just post the pictures of the website running on the PS3's browser, call it the 360 version and say it runs better on the 360.


Killjoy30003788d ago

But The first iteration is probably among the most overhyped games this generation right next to Crysis and Halo 3.

ParanoidMonkey3788d ago

But at the end of the vid, for those who didn't catch it, it says Game Informer 4.16.09 reversed, so we'll get more info soon enough.

DeforMAKulizer3788d ago

I do agree with you guys... It was kinda repetitive, but what it lacked in gameplay it made up in story.... I loved the suspense and the characterization... I hated the voice behind Altair though, too cliche, but i loved the twist in the end and how it ended..
Plus there are a lot of loop holes to fill story wise... The satellite thingy etc.... I really want to see where the story picks off =D

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Raf1k13788d ago

When the info said 'Unfortunately, we don't learn so much about the game.' I really didn't expect the site to be so empty :(

I loved what they got right in the previous game (the horse especially).

I'm really looking forward to seeing how this game turns out.

I really hope they've listened to community feedback and actually fulfill its potential because potentially, it could be a great game.

BGDad3788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

Sorry but you have A LOT to do in order to get me interested in this game.

**On a side note there is a certain amount of power having 1 bubble. No one can further dig you down and other people have a choice. Honor censorship or click on the this user has 1 bubble... Either way you own yourselves. Not to mention if you want bubbles its brain dead easy to get them...

Then again who gives a PHUCK about this website its garbage.

AntoineDcoolette3788d ago

I loved the platforming, exploration, and story from the first AC. Now just make the combat and objectives a bit more varied and in-depth and we'll have a sure winner.

Bumpmapping3788d ago

This first game had so much potential if it wasn't for the cut and past side missions and cities.

Microsoft Xbox 3603788d ago

We all know why that had to happen. It's called DVD9, or should I say DVD7. lol

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