EvilCast NewsBrief, Episode #33: Women in Gaming

GamesAreEvil writes, "We've got a special show tonight for all of our faithful listeners. Instead of listening to us two dumb ass men, you'll get two lovely ladies to listen to as well. Yeah.. we're still going to be part of the show. You didn't think we'd give up the chance to chat with two hotties about women playing videogames did you?..."

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CrAppleton3793d ago

It was great having the Lovely Ladies of Evil on the show.. we'll have to get them on more often

supercharger51503793d ago

It was great fun! Hopefully the listeners will add some input on this topic also.

Trollimite3793d ago

i dont believe in women gamers or men gamers, just gamers the quicker we destroy the gender line the sooner we can get on with our lives

killyourfm3793d ago

Women either STARTED or CEASED playing videogames with the PS1 ;-)

Just kidding - I happened to hear this podcast and it was really insightful.

CrAppleton3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

I'm appalled that you haven't listened to it yet.. I know you have nothing better to do ;-)

EDIT: ah.. lol. Read that wrong

bgrundman3793d ago

I thought there was alot of great conversation on the topic of women and their role in gaming as both consumers and developers. Very insightful.

killyourfm3793d ago

I'm appalled you think I haven't listened to it, especially when I indicated I had ;-)

Now, enough with the winking emoticons. Get back to work!

reluctant_gamer3793d ago

I've technically been gaming longer than Blake, though not as hardcore. My dad started me on gaming and techie stuff. Go dad!

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reluctant_gamer3793d ago

Hmm... so much more that we could've covered, so little time. I hope everyone likes it. I sure did.

CrAppleton3793d ago

There's always more time.. maybe we could get you two in on tonight's show?

supercharger51503793d ago

We touched on a TINY bit on the GrE extended show... stay tuned for that. I think this topic goes so deep though and there are so many tangents it will never be FULLY discussed.

roblef3793d ago

Please bring more of the female perspective to this podcast! Excellent stuff. We want MORE!

thebudgetgamer3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

there is nothing better then getting owned by your chick, then making sweet love down by the fire.


roblef3793d ago

"getting owned by your chick"

wow. you so enlightened! I guess that's really all chicks are good for, though. sex. w00t.


thebudgetgamer3793d ago

thats only a small piece of a big pie but an important one.