Microsoft Interested in Buying Take-Two ?

Yesterday Take-Two revealed it was postponing the previously scheduled annual shareholders meeting to explore its options, one being a possible sale of the entire company. Today word has reached through the grapevine by means of an inside source at Rockstar Vancouver, that "the buzz" in the hallways is that Microsoft might have put in a bid or expressed interest in purchasing the ailing publisher/developer.

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PS360PCROCKS4763d ago

Oh wow...that's fantastic if they do as any remaining GTA would be a Xbox exclusive since it's in house

TOM4763d ago

Buy it before october and can the ps3 versoin:) That would surely piss of a lot of gamers but boy-o-boy would it hurt sony.

Vojkan4763d ago

Anyone but not EA! Even 3DO can buy it but not EA :-) just kidding

T-Virus4763d ago

Next gen is over, 360 wins by default.

tomfoolery4763d ago

should chill on buying out any more publishers or developers.
Look at what happened with Rare.
Be cautious MS!!!

jib4763d ago

im glad they bought rare. they bring variety to the 360 library.

marionz4763d ago

rare was strugleing to survive making games for nintendo wasnt profitable enough, if MS hadnt bought rare they would probably be dead by now, and just imagine banjo on 360! if ms didnt have games like banjo kameo viva pinata and perfect dark how boreing would that be? i love a good kiddy fun game inbetween all the shooting choping and blowing up stuff
and buying take 2 would be a smart move for ms

PSN Starfleets4763d ago

Can you imagine GTA being a 360 exclusive?


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The story is too old to be commented.