Modern Warfare 2 Rumor Smash: Fake IW Quote

Robert Bowling of Infinity Ward writes:

"I've been getting a lot of messages regarding a fake quote on some PS3 forum which somehow got picked up as "news" on N4G and a few other sites. Basically, the quote (from a made up person named Todd Stevens) claims that PS3 is the lead platform for our next title and therefore will run smoother and look better on the PS3.

First off… we're not talking in detail just yet on the development of MW2. However, overall, we dedicate the same development time to both consoles. Equality in dev time for all. So let's put that to rest out of the gate."

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Carbide73791d ago

Like we actually believed that in the first place. Jeez.
There was absolutely no source to the quote either.

ThaGeNeCySt3791d ago

there were some who believed it lol

Jamaicangmr3791d ago

Gaming has really changed. Gone are the days when gamers would just be happy or excited about the game. Now it's all about what console is lead or how many it will sell. Sad but gaming has changed.

joydestroy3791d ago

yeah sad indeed.
sad but true.

Sharpshell3791d ago

this is one aspect of the fallout from an age of multiplats (pun intended)

I believe the n64/ps1 era was the best and its not like there wasn't arguement back then over which system was better, but it wasn't based on convoluted pixel counts over menu-screen screen shots (street fighter 4)

I had a Playstation and ALL my friends had an N64 and it was awesome becasue we would argue for hours about which was better but we play n64 at their place and playstation at mine and there was always RESPECT for the basic integrity of both systems... no one owned a saturn that i personally knew and we never thought about it (sorry sega)

Meanwhile there has been plenty of exclusive game bashing this gen too. I think itsdue in part to the rarity of such games and therefore the high profile of these games which creates hype having mixed results (Haze vs KZ2) but always characterized by fanboy crap.

Its old though...I'm tired of it

n4f3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

heck even at that time even the fanboi were tolerable
i remember we use to do the same thing but with snes and genesis.
I remember 2 month ago i went to a new friends house and me and a bunch of friend we were sopose to play nhl and we all agree that i would bring the 360 and when i came in he was mad and told me that i should bring the ps3. and while playing he kept saying that the gfx were outdate and got max out. the resolution is inferior to the one on ps3. wtf we came here to play not count pixel. what most important is to play not f*cking count pixel
btw bubble

Zeus Lee3791d ago

I knew it was complete Bullsh*t when I got to the "Ps3 version will run smoother than the PC version" bit.

While the Ps3 is certainly capable of producing games that look Godly compared to what the Wii and 360 are putting out,it's not that easy when going up against the PC.

Games such as Gran Turismo 5 will never be beaten by any platform in terms of photo-realism,but when you start looking at generic shooters such as Haze and Crysis and you compare them side to side,it's no match at all as the PC shooter crushes 99% of console shooters in terms of visuals.

TheColbertinator3791d ago

LMAO I laugh at the fools who believed this stuff.Everyone knows the PC version will be the definitive version.

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