Less Than Two Weeks Until FFXIII Demo Is Available

PlayStation LifeStyle writes:

"Sadly, as exited as I am, my expectations are low. Square Enix has been disappointing as of late, and I was not happy with Final Fantasy XII's straying from the traditional turn based combat system, which FFXIII seems to be adopting. Although, I am hoping that I am wrong, and that I am pleasantly surprised. Having FFXIII be an amazing game could restore the faith Square Enix has lost of the past year or so."

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Sev3785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

If you haven't pre-ordered Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete Blu-Ray to get the FFXIII Demo pack in, you still can...

It's expensive, but if you are like me, and need to get your hands on everything before anyone else then, this is a MUST have.

NJShadow3785d ago

Thanks for the heads up Sev. =) BTW, I'm semi-excited for this game. I love the Final Fantasy series, but FF7 still stands out as the very best IMO. I REALLY wish Square would get on a remake. =)

himdeel3785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

...this is why PS3 sales are gradually higher than the Wii the last few weeks. I'd guess people are wanting to make certain they get a system in hand while they can. After all the JPRPG second coming is almost at hand and I think it'd be easier to get a copy of the game itself than a it would finding a PS3 if the sales of the game hit the moon.

I know FF13 is going to be big over there I just wonder how big especially with the economy etc.

plain rice3785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

Already have my copy preordered but I won't be able to play it till mid-May when I get back to Kiyose.

BTW, Sev you have a minor typo error.

"Sadly, as exited as I am, my expectations are low."


Sev3785d ago

@ plain rice,

Strange, I just checked the site and it's correct on there. I know I used spell checker.

I must have hit backspace, after I copied and pasted the excerpt here.

Thanks for pointing that out though.

gaffyh3785d ago

@himdeel - I never thought of it like that. When FF13 hits in Japan PS3 may actually sell out, so people should get one ASAP.

ultimolu3785d ago

I would get it but I'm on a budget.

Dammit. :<

Sharpshell3785d ago

yeah me to0 *sad face*... I came this close to preodering it from that link though, thanks for the link any way.

edgeofblade3785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

People paying for a demo. Where have I heard this before?

Oh that's right... Qore.

...yeah, and Halo 3, too.

Thats funny. There is nothing but fact here, yet someone disagrees with it. Is someone trying to change reality?

Ngai3785d ago

Does this blu-ray movie run on a EU ps3? (not so sure about this one)
Does the blu-ray game run on a EU ps3? (that should work yes)

Anyone know?

Lifendz3785d ago

somehow. I'm not ready to buy that movie on blu-ray because it wasn't really that good imo. Sounds very fanboyish but after the whole E3 MS announcement my excitement for FFXIII has really plummeted. I just don't care about it anymore. Too many other games coming, the wait for it has been incredibly long, and Square hasn't really shown they know how to make a good RPG anymore as evidenced by the majority of their most recent games.

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riksweeney3785d ago

"and I was not happy with Final Fantasy XII's straying from the traditional turn based combat system"

I'm glad it changed. There's only so many times you can run around a landscape *whoooooooooosh* battle time! I know they could have allowed you to see the monsters on the landscape like in Grandia, but taking turns to hit each other is getting really old now.

That said, I am enjoying it in Persona 4.


all of squares craziness and ego problems has affected their business model and I can no longer suport them or FF anything.

Its great that they want to develop for all platforms and all but they should have left FF where it was. I cant pay full price for a half baked multi plat.

Sev3785d ago

I wont deny myself a AAA game because of a company's business model.

I game to enjoy games. Keeping myself from enjoying a great game wouldn't make sense to me.

creatchee3785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

Well then according to you, FF should have stayed on the PS2 (as in two), because that's where it was most recently with the exception of XI on PC and 360 as well. PS3 is not the same as PS2 - merely the same manufacturer. So, why should it be PS3 only given your logic?

EDIT: Multiplats aren't worth your time? Call of Duty, Rock Band, Guitar Hero, Resident Evil, Dead Space, and the other 90% of games that are Multiplatform say hi.

tplarkin73785d ago

The only reason Sony "had" the franchise was due to being number 1. Square is a business and needs to sell games. The 360 has more consoles than Sony.

edgeofblade3785d ago

Go get a 360.

Then, go get over yourself.

People who feel "betrayed" make me laugh.

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TitanUp3785d ago

not expecting much out of this it will probably just be a long cut scene with 5 mins of gameplay

jackdoe3785d ago

I'm contemplating importing the actual game when it releases this year and then spoiling the story on forums everywhere.

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