Wii sales show first sign of weakness

Nintendo's Wii games console is showing its first signs of weakness with Japanese sales in March falling below those of rival Sony's PlayStation 3.

According to data released on Monday by tracking company Enterbrain, Sony sold 146,948 PS3s in the five weeks to March 29th, compared to the 99,335 Wiis sold.

If the trend continues and spreads to Europe or the US it would mark a dramatic reversal of fortune for the two Japanese companies. Nintendo's Wii, with its innovative motion sensitive controller, has dominated this generation of videogame hardware since its release in 2006.

The March figures reflect both a slowdown in Japanese sales of the Wii - down by 63 per cent compared to a year ago - as well as a run of stronger sales for the PS3.

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hunter213787d ago

i know wii is innomative but i think wii need to do some hard core games and good graphics, i bought a wii and now i barely play it.

na-no-nai3787d ago

of course the wii gonna go below the ps3 in terms of sales in japan. look how small the country is. if everybody brought the wii earlier the first 2 years in japan. what make them want to buy something they already own.

ChickeyCantor3787d ago

And no im not kidding.

Nintendo can really go wild, if they make a Wii with no GCN port support and make it very slim.

Japane will go crazy.

ChickeyCantor3787d ago

"first sign"

WAit wait wait again?

TheColbertinator3787d ago this guy joking?

Wii price drop

Dragon Quest 10

Monster Hunter 3

After these the PS3 and 360 will be as irrelevant as disco music.

ChickeyCantor3787d ago

Disco music can be cool =(