Xbox 360 or PS3? GamerTV

Bravos GAmer TVs point of view on the big question which is more powerfull.

RealDoubleJ6363d ago

the ps3 shots are ever so slightly sharper but, as the guy points out, not completely noticable unless you're specifically looking for a difference. Of course, the real test is later on in the console cycle...but by then most gamegeeks will have made up their minds and Joe Bloggs will be waiting for the first price drop.

Schmitty076363d ago

I could really give which one is more powerful. I get a console that has good games that I like.

bernie6363d ago

We all know 90% of titles will come out on both PS3 & Xbox360 and you won't really be able to tell the difference. The other 10% everyone will want, Gears of War, Virtua Fighter 4, MGS 4, Halo 3, GT5, Forza 2. It's the games that matter, and we want them all!

BOOSTIN6363d ago

either the ps3 shots were slightly sharper or the 360 version had better lighting effects considering sharpness wont be a factor in HD, im going to go ahead and say that there were more lighting effects in the 360 version.

achira6363d ago

häh ??? the quality of the video is so bad, and you want say the xbox360 has better lightning ? the only think you can see is that the xbox360 version is brighter, thats all.

Karibu6363d ago

achira, are you Finninsh??

achira6363d ago

lame comparison. they shouldnt compare multiplatform games, its obvious they will be the same.

Schmitty076363d ago

When you aren't bowing to Sony, you can offer some intelligent remarks.

Moostache6363d ago

How is it "obvious" that the cross-platform games will be the same?

From the fanboy tripe I have read from clowns like SSJ (and his minions of aliases) and even from you on occasion, the PS3 is supposed to be VASTLY superior to the XBox 1.5, right? Well, how come this VASTLY superior PS2.5 can't display a superior game on the cross-platform titles? Think about it, the cross-platform games of this gen ALL looked better and noticeably so on XB1 versus PS2.

A little consistency would be nice. Either the PS3 is superior to the XB360 and it will show in game graphics (and that INCLUDES cross-platform titles) or it is on equal footing with the 360 and there will be little to no difference in graphcis performance across the board. To say that PS3 will only look better than XB360 when running first party software is BS.

Mal Reynolds6363d ago

well, you're right and you're wrong. The problem with the last gen was that xbox was actually capable of 720p, and most of the cross-platform games took advantage of that. The PS3 really wasn't capable of the higher resolutions, except a few games like God of War...which I dont even think was 720p I think it was only 480P versus the normal 480i.

Also, we don't know what console they are creating the "original" copy of the game on. The devs will know which system will have the least "power", and they will create the game on that platform and then cross over with little tweaking other then button layout for the other platforms. In the case of the xbox last gen, all they did was increase resolution on many games and that is why they looked better. This gen will be different because all are capable of same resolutions.

So I agree that we shouldn't use cross-platformers as a benchmark, but we also can't expect one to look better then the other on these types of games like we saw in the last gen (other then PS3 and Xbox 360 looking better then the Wii because nobody will argue that it is unable to produce the same graphics as the other two).

The Real Deal6363d ago

you finally made our points. You finally admitted the the 360 is next gen. You said that you know that cross platform games will look the same. lol...Thats hilarious. So now people have to decide Halo 3, Gears of War, and GTA 4 or Grand Tourismo next year, and um...well nothing is really confirmed as launch yet. Interesting. So lets break that down. 300 dollars plus the games you want that look the same as 600 dollars and no jump in quality. Lets so a gamer only likes sports games. Which system should he get? I'm just glad you can admit that both are next gen and both are going to be the same with 3rd party games and there is a 200 dollar price difference for it. But I agree the 360 version of sonic did look like it had better lighting. But thats to be expected. The 360 was made for games only and the ps3 was intended for hd movie playback with the 7 dsp and the cell.

TheMART6363d ago

You're not completely right. The number of games on XBOX running in 720p was quit small seen on total number of games. So by a few (mostly even not cross platform I think but I should look into it), most XBOX games ran on 480p compared to 480i from PS2. That was the difference and just the XBOX had better hardware, GPU and the hardware was better tweaked and worked together better.

As is the same with the 360 compared other next gen consoles. In total it's made to display games at their best instead of doing raw power line ups what no one will use

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