Videogamer: BattleForge Review

Videogamer writes: "Still, there's fun to be had, but only if you're playing the game with friends, since playing with strangers more often than not results in a similar feeling of frustration experienced in pick up groups in MMORPGs. The 12-player maps are cleverly divided into sub-maps, putting groups of players into separate areas that impact on the overall challenge in real-time. BattleForge is at its best when everyone's on the same page - the sense of satisfaction at a downed boss can be immense, and getting a card you've never seen before pushes all those geek buttons. You'll have your own opinion on the micro-transactions, of course, but the controversy surrounding them diverts attention from the fact that BattleForge isn't as spectacular an experience as it could have been. It's an experiment that was definitely worth the effort, and lessons will be learned, but as a game there are fundamental flaws too pertinent to ignore.

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