Halo Wars isn't just for RTS n00bs

Globe and Mail game columnist writes: "I really wasn't expecting much from Halo Wars, the real-time strategy prequel to the Xbox and Xbox 360's blockbuster Halo shooters. Developer Ensemble Studios, whose credits include the excellent Age of Empires series for Windows, are masters of real-time tactics, but it seemed clear that they would need to deliver a relatively rudimentary experience if they wanted the game to appeal to the millions of existing Halo fans who've never played an RTS game before. The demo released in February, which began with players given command of just a few warthog jeeps and soldiers, seemed only to confirm that this was the case.

However, once I began delving into the retail version the game began to grow on me.

To be clear, Halo Wars is no Age of Empires or Rome: Total War. That said, it does have a diversity of missions that few strategy games can match. Some levels force players to dig in and defend, some require rapid base acquisition and expansion, and still others see us on the move trying to take down multiple objectives within a given time limit, a bit like the sort of play found in games such as Company of Heroes and World in Conflict...."

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IaMs123786d ago

I still wish they went the Starcraft way, but Halo. I had so much fun with starcraft. It got really exciting at times but slow at other times.

He is right about Halo Wars, its a relaxing game to play. It feels like something is missing that Starcraft has, although its the nearly the same. All well fun play.

I wish they added a map editor ex. Like starcraft, or FarCry2. That would have been sweet, then being able to make Turrent Def games and such.