PlanetXbox360 Reviews "Ninja Blade"

Strike one more in the ninja's column for Microsoft as has another addition to their game roster in the form of Ninja Blade. Developed by From Software, the creators of Armored Core for Answer and Chromehounds, Ninja Blade is a Microsoft published Xbox 360 exclusive with high ambitions of allowing players to experience cinematic battles. Does it accomplish its lofty goals? The quick answer is both yes and no. Assuming the role of a generic lead character named Ken, players will experience a betrayal within the first hour of the game that sets up the storyline for the rest of the game. With friends and family in his ninja clan, they must stop the spreading of a deadly infection that is caused by demonic parasites that are invading the city.

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UltimaEnder3785d ago

The game (even though it scored kinda low) is actually quite fun and should not be passed up, maybe not a day one purchase but rental or bargain bin for sure!

Bumpmapping3785d ago

Typical 360 shovelware not looking so good for 360 owners in 2009 lots of flops

Caspel3785d ago

yeah, it's definitely worth the time of action aficionados.

3785d ago
Valkyrie833785d ago

Is anyone on the Playstation 3 missing this game, was it something you guys wanted or could most care less?

UltimaEnder3784d ago

I don't think it really got enough hype and/or marketing to cause PS3 owners worry, being an exclusive for a game like this probably isn't a big deal....

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