Tim Schafer: Gamers Worry Too Much About Sales

MTV Multiplayer writes:

"Two weeks ago in San Francisco, after storied game developer Tim Schafer impressed me with a live demo of his upcoming heavy-metal fantasy/comedy Brutal Legend, I cornered him to ask a key question:

Given how well-received Schafer's last game - Pyschonauts - was received and yet how poorly it seems to have sold, what's to stop Brutal Legend from suffering the same fate? And, worse, what kind of ramifications could that have on Schafer and his studio, Double Fine Productions?"

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Bumpmapping3791d ago

Article is misleading he meant to say "360 Gamers Worry Too Much About Sales"

Socomer 19793791d ago

They have no shame calling out ps3 gamers but when its time to name names on 360gamers all of a sudden were from the same cut.



labaronx3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

Pyschonauts was one of better xbox exclusives and was well recieved by critics and was a platformer the xbox then and the 360 now still seems to lack but still didnt sell well.... sucks no sequel was ever made...

fear883791d ago

It released on the PS2, Xbox, and PC at the same time.

labaronx3791d ago

I see.. on release it was only on 360 when I got it... I never knew it went multiplatform... meaning even more people missed out on "A GREAT GAME" last gen.

PS... I still never saw a PS2 copy at retail. Bubble.

MADPIRAHNA3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

Microsoft's influence on the industry. Its how they act, its how their followers act. Anyone else notice all the 360 fans hit you with sales figures of Halo and Gears anytime you discuss a good game not on their system.

I also think its part of their overall strategy:

-Make yourself look great. (everyone does this with advertising)

-Make your competitors look like crap (MS does this relentlessly with viral marketing through websites and news outlets they own)

-Make developers think peeps on another console has ever bought a game for that system. (apparently games only sell on the 360)

Socomer 19793791d ago

I hate when ps3 gamers say halo or gears first when arguing.
if it were me i would wait for those cards.
as soon as some sensitive 360 boy say gears or halo then i would hit them with the overrated peieces of rushed unfinished laggy crap card.
then they could say that alot of people fell for the hype and now have to live with the crap. Then i could say but now everybody knows these games suck a$$... and on and on and on.

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