Midway Announces Game Party 3, Teases Secret Project

That Gaming Site writes: "In their 10-k filings released today, Midway has announced Game Party 3 while teasing an upcoming currently unannounced project. From the filing,

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Elven63791d ago

My guess:

Mortal Kombat 9
Psi Ops 2
Zombie Tech Demo Game


pangitkqb3790d ago

Zombie Tech Demo Game or Psi Ops 2. That would rock my little world.

Elven63790d ago

You sir have read my mind!

GiantEnemyCrab3790d ago

Saw the picture and thought Midway came to their senses and announced Psi-Ops 2!

Damn youz internet teasers! I really hope it is PO2

Elven63790d ago

So do I, The Force Unleashed is basically a tech demo screaming out to Midway "MAKE ME MIDWAY, MAKE ME!"

manwich253790d ago

Psi Ops 2 would make my day. Psi Ops was so much fun with all of the different Psi powers and puzzles of the game

krazy14kraz3790d ago

STRANGLEHOLD 2. please midway, i beg you.

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The story is too old to be commented.