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VampHuntD3788d ago

But since I enjoy the game so much, I'll pay $5 more for this. I hate that I'm doing it because it only means more paid for content that should have been on the disc, but I love the game so far....

ThanatosDMC3788d ago

I liked the part where they had Lickers... they made me smile. There was actually suspense there for a moment till we got back to killing "zombies" with guns.

Cenobia3788d ago

I didn't buy RE5 because you can't move while aiming. I can't understand for the life of me how a competitive mode would be in the least bit fun with that mechanic.

Do you just run into the open and see who can aim at the other persons head faster? How is that fun? It's going to turn into a bunch of people running serpentine while occasionally stopping to shoot...

Fox013788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

This is just as bad as paying for costumes in Street Fighter IV.

You're a suckha if you pay for this "DLC"

HardcoreGamer3788d ago

i wanna get this feature but the only way to do it is to pay for it , and when you do you feel like you have been suckered.

now gget this, how would it of felt if mercenaries mode was the dlc and it didnt exist as on the disk as it is now..... imagine that

you definetly know that that would be the biggest piss take.

but this slayers thing is new,. at the end of the day you should be glad it wasnt merc mode. if you really want extra mode then its up to the individual, me? i dont know what to do even at this point of time. im waiting on ppls views and videos of youtube to make my purchase.

yeh sf4 costumes are more worse than this

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The_Devil_Hunter3788d ago

As much as I enoy RE5 it seems as if it was a HUGE scam by Capcom.
Even so Capcom is lucky I am a huge RE fan otherwise...pfft wouldnt count on me to get this.


solidjun53788d ago

Some peole will buy and enjoy it but that's them. I'm not going to knock them for spending money on this. But in my view, I think it's BS. Yea, no RE had a multiplayer component before, but it's already on the disk and to be honest with you, multiplayer is standard affair in that if it's made, it should be included as part of the original package. Not an add on. But hey, it's a free capitalist society and I'm sure people are going to buy the game and enjoy it. I won't.

2FootYard3788d ago

I wouldn't pay for this s*** and I really like Resident Evil 5.

XPC HARDonE3788d ago

I want to see what its like and then come on N4G and b*tch about it.

I want to set a horrible precedent that its ok to charge for the multiplayer portion of the game.

I cant help my consumer monkey brain and its desire to waste my money.

why are you going to buy the dlc even though you know its wrong?

rhood0223788d ago

That's what I don't understand. If you know it's a scam--and even say so before justifying your purchase with a "I love RE 5 so.."--then why buy it?

Companies don't care if you have reservations about it. Or complain that they are "ripping off the consumer." They care if you buy it or don't.

You can claim it's a "scam" or whatever, but if you still buy it then you're just perpetuating the cycle.

dragunrising3788d ago

Principle reason DLC/patches on the PC are free. Publishers have learned they won't pay for them.

Perhaps I'm of the type that doesn't mind paying for DLC. Capcom's explanation that the DLC wasn't in the budget of the original game was good enough for me. RE5 is so good that I don't mind giving them extra money :-p

The counter argument is convincing in itself, but the multiplayer update adds something that wasn't there in the first place. Be happy the game will have an enhanced multiplayer mode.

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The story is too old to be commented.