It's not you, it's me - My relationship with gaming

Gamer Limit writes: "Late one night a few months ago, my friend Brett and I - the idea to follow below was at least as much his as mine - got to talking, and before long our conversation, as is so often its wont, had swung to the topic of games. As is true for most gamers, I suspect, both previous exploits and titles, bosses, or levels possessed of especial difficulty are a favorite subject of discussion; such tales as my first encounter with Xenogears' last boss, or Brett's conquest.

I can think of no more apt a term for just how thoroughly he cowed Raccoon City's undead citizenry - of Resident Evil 3 still appear with a high degree of regularity in our exchanges, even years after the fact. (I may never have demonstrated any talent in the more traditionally masculine domain of 'foosball', but, by God, Deus knew who wore the pants in the relationship by the time my Gears were finished with him.)"

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Spike473792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

nice observation

kaironn3792d ago

That article is like a tome! Finally done, and wow; lots of awesome observations.

Clance3792d ago

Fantastically well-written and worringly accurate!

syvergy3792d ago

Very interesting perspective!