New Final Fantasy 13 scans from OPM UK and EDGE magazines

first play tests of the final fantasy 13 demo.

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Gue13794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

Ok, this is good! At last actual info of the game with high quality scans and all!


BTW Johnny Cullen, this is not duplicate because if you actually clicked the link to read what's in it you would know that the link you're providing doesn't have A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G. No info, no Scans, no nothing! Why that guy posted that it's beyond me... But this link has a lot of info and neat pics and you're calling it a duplicate? Are you blind or something?

I love video games3793d ago

game looks pretty good so far

3793d ago
jackdoe3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

I disagree DNAgent. This game is all quality. Square isn't diverting resources on two different SKUs. They are entirely focuses on developing the PS3 version (which is, for those who can't count, ONE SKU). Once that is done, THEN AND ONLY THEN will they start development on the 360 version. So no, no quantity over quality bullsh!t on this one.

Jesus christ, PS3 fanboys are annoying and give PS3 owners a bad name. We PS3 owners are still excited about this game (and I'm contemplating importing Advent Children Complete with the demo). I'm even contemplating buying Tabula Rosa to beef up on Japanese to import the game when it comes out in JP this year.

UltimateIdiot9113793d ago

It is a fact that they will port the game after they finish PS3 version but the fact that they have plan since last year, I'm positive that developers have in mind about the limitation of the 360. It would be a lot easier on them if they prepare the PS3 version for an easy translation to the 360.

I'm looking forward to the game but still skeptical about it.

Omega43793d ago

"We're actively working on the EU version"

Could that mean we might be getting a JRPG before the US!?

gaffyh3793d ago

I doubt it, but it's strange that they are "actively working" on the European version. Cos that suggests that they are already localising, even though they said the would begin localisation after the Japanese version of the game is completed. Interesting.

Probably means that we will be getting the English version of the game a lot quicker than usual. I hope to God that's true.

btw I didn't disagree with you.

callahan093793d ago

I'll be getting the PS3 version and wherever it first comes out in English, I'll be getting that version. Could mean importing from the UK. Doesn't matter to me! PS3 games have no region lock.

richierich3793d ago

Yeah but I dont really like the enviroment the demo is set in its too dark. I still cant wait to play the demo

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

But it don't look like it's using 100% of PS3 Power tho!!! ;-D

I want to try it, even tho i'm not into RPG games.

+ EDGE was going to give the Demo 1/10 but someone told them it is coming out on
the xBox 360 to, so they have given the Demo 10/10!!! ;-D
(Leave it!!!...Stop being so Bitter Sir Ken) ;)

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