Nintendo Dismisses Sales Slide in Japan

As the Nintendo Wii loses out to the PS3 for a second successive month in Japan, the Kyoto-based company has assured that the Wii's current downturn in sales is not a genuine concern.

Data released by Enterbrain shows that the PS3 sold a total of 87,000 units in February, with the Wii shifting 76,000.

For March, the PS3 sold 116,000 units while the Wii sold far less, in fact fewer than the month prior, at around 70,000 units.

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Zeus Lee3790d ago

Why would they be concerned about the Ps3 in Japan when they've got a 3 Million+ lead on it in the territory?

It's the same thing with Sony,why would they be concerned about the 360 in Japan when the console is being outsold by the Ps2?

Gamer60563790d ago

Why wold they care if they are beating PS3 and 360 on the other territories

Socomer 19793790d ago

did edge really waste nintendo's time asking that question ?

Anybody can do thier jobs, these journalist must not get paid very well.

Marty83703790d ago

The Wii bubble has finally bust.