WeeWorld Tries To Drop Wii Suit

A Delaware company accusing Nintendo of swiping the name for the Wii's Mii Channel from its own digital avatar service is trying to drop its lawsuit against the game maker. The only snag is that Nintendo doesn't want it to drop the suit.

Last November, WeeWorld filed suit against Nintendo, alleging that the game maker's Mii avatars on its then-unreleased Wii system infringed on trademarks for its own WeeMees, digital avatars it claims to have offered online since 2001.

Currently featured on AOL Instant Messanger, WeeMees give users a simple tool for creating their own custom cartoon-styled avatars. In addition to choosing eye color, hair style, and clothing, users can outfit their WeeMees with accessories to indicate their interests. A number of gaming systems are included in the possible accessories, from an Xbox 360 to a PlayStation Portable. Users can also equip their WeeMees with what appears to be a DS Lite (pictured above), but there is no Wii option at the moment.

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Odiah4761d ago

Hilarity would ensue if Ninty lost :D