Fable II "sees the future" as new DLC details are revealed

Console Monster writes: "We knew it was coming, but Microsoft has today revealed brand spanking new details regarding the new Fable II downloadable content.

The content, known as "See the Future" gives players the chance to heed the call for a hero to restore colour and balance to the world, or let Albion fall to the wayside. Those who emerge victorious will receive the ultimate reward: a quest that provides a vision of Albion's future and what lies ahead for those born into the heroic bloodline. The new quests in "See the Future" will bring players face-to-face with new characters, creatures, events and legendary artefacts, including:

* Murgo: Having first met him during the childhood sequence of "Fable II," Murgo returns to Bowerstone Market to bring an amazing array of new wares, including potions that can transform canine companions into new breeds..."


We've added the "See the Future" images to the bottom of this news post for your viewing pleasure. All three images can be enlarged by clicking on them. Enjoy!

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WIIIS13792d ago

Great news! Fabulous gaming content just keeps rolling in for 360 owners!

jadenkorri3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

i chose to save all the people, is there anything in the new dlc that will rez your dog.. I haven't dled any new DLC since the launch cause noone said there was anything to rez my not starting over


You can rez your dog in the first DLC Knothe Island.

MasterGamer3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

The kind of DLC that i was waiting for!!

TheZippo3792d ago

Sounds awesome! Can't wait till May!

Anon19743792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

By the time I was finished Fable 2 I was finding it quite repetitive. It was a fun game, don't get me wrong, but I traded this in towards something new months ago. DLC just doesn't interest me for this title. New dog breeds don't do anything for me. What I wanted was fresh spells or a change to the battle system to freshen gameplay.

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