Loot Ninja: Why You Should Buy a DSi

Loot Ninja writes: "If you don't depend on the GBA slot of your DS (and not too many people do), I'd say it's well worth your money to pick up a DSi for DSiWare alone. I think a lot of people will be surprised at how well developers take advantage of the hardware".

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iiprotocolii3787d ago

is definitely something I'm going to pick up. The most attracting thing about it, I think, is the fact that they have implemented a "Shop" features (a la Wii Shop) which let's you purchase games. God knows the amount of things that will be available on that thing. What is there not to like about it besides the fact it doesn't play GBA games?

drunkpandas3787d ago

The DSiWare games are going to be huge. I have a feeling we'll be seeing a lot of bite-sized games and quality titles similar to what we're seeing now on the iPhone.

anh_duong3787d ago

i will pick it up when it gets a tad cheaper.

Cenobia3787d ago

Am I missing something about the DSi? It still just plays regular DS games right? There aren't any DSi specific games besides the downloadable ones?

This seems like a complete cash in to me. There is no way I'm buying another DS. I still have the original version and it works fine. I'd hate to be someone that upgrades each time. This would be like their third DS already.

Of course, I wouldn't use the digital downloads because my internet is too slow, and I'm honestly not interested in them.

Anon19743787d ago

But I'm with you. I already owned a DS but quickly discovered that as I'm not a 10 year old boy it really wasn't for me.

Now before Nintendo fans start throwing their pokemon lunch boxes at me..I know, I know. There are a few M rated games out there for the DS, but let's face it. NPD research has shown the demographic for the DS is kids (80%). In Japan it's 10 year old boys, followed by 30 something women, followed by 10 year old girls. Teens and 20-somethings are last on that list, so it's not surprising that Nintendo is catering to their demographic. And there's nothing wrong with that. There are some great games on the DS. I'm just saying it's not for me because I'm not 12. I don't need to take pictures of my cat with my DS and then apply a kaelidascope effect or paste it on the body of Mario and add Mario themed sound effects. You know who does want to do that? Children, and Nintendo knows it.

SaiyanFury3787d ago

Meh, simple second attempt by Nintendo to reignite it's own product line. The DS Lite is reaching market saturation so it's not selling as well as it did when it was first released. I do depend on my DS Lite's GBA port, and very much prefer it to my old GBA SP. I, for one, will not be giving Nintendo another 120-some odd dollars for virtually the same product I've been using for over 6 months now. My internet connection is limited, so digital downloads aren't easy for me to access. The camera? If I want to use a camera, I'll break out my 10MP camera and take pictures in HD. I'll be staying with my DS Lite. It works for me just fine.

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drunkpandas3787d ago

The best parts for me about the DSi are the ways they've streamlined the OS. Being able to get back to the home menu by pressing Power and changing brightness with Select+Volume are huge for everyday usage.

drunkpandas3787d ago

Oh yeah, and it now supports WPA and WPA2 encryption for wireless (doesn't work on older DS titles, though).

greyishfox3787d ago

that may be a driving sell point, but can't they just flash the existing DS lite OS?

bermcg3787d ago

Certainly I will pick a DSi in the future. Not because DSiWare, but because this will receive exclusive retail titles on the future.

"The best parts for me about the DSi are the ways they've streamlined the OS. Being able to get back to the home menu by pressing Power and changing brightness with Select+Volume are huge for everyday usage."

I did not know about the brightness part. It's very useful!

Leathersoup3787d ago

What I'd like to know is why Nintendo hasn't put a personal organizer into the friggin thing yet. I mean really... would it take that much effort?

Johnny Rotten3787d ago

Other than it being $200 here in Canada, the extra features that are included don't really warrant a replacement of the DsL I own right now. If EB was to offer an upgrade promo I might consider it though.

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