Square Enix to skip FF5 for DS, Remake FF6?

Square Enix's recent announcement that they would be bringing classic Final Fantasy to the Virtual Console was greeted as good news all round by fans, but the details of the announcement have led to some interesting speculation.

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Reibooi3788d ago

I don't know about this. I think you need a bit more concrete Info before you can assume this is what's happening. E3 isn't that far off we should find out soon regardless.

AP3788d ago

That's a fair comment, really. It's just really some interesting speculation where the evidence we have so far does make the situation seem potentially likely, so thus it's in the rumors section. :)

caseh3788d ago

About time, FF3 = best FF game ever!

Get to hammer Kefka one more time...and see General leo die one more time also... *sob*

hay3788d ago

No spoils dude, there are people who didn't finish the game!

Baka-akaB3788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

How about skipping the DS instead... dont get me wrong the remakes so far are good , but i'd hope for something better for possibly the best FF to date .

Either PSP , ps2 or ps3 ...
And we all know it will probably get a long while to get a new remake with better graphics afterward , if the ds one is released .
FF7 is the only one for sure with a next gen remake planned for some future .

sakuragi3788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

I agree. The DS just doesn't cut it graphically nowadays and there is absolutely no use for the touch screen as it is a typical RPG.

However, a full blown remake wont cut it on the next gen console either due to the high cost so I think the best solution is to release it on the psp, ps2, wii, PSN, xbox live simultaneously for maximum profit while not hampering the graphics too much.

AP3788d ago

For me if they were going handheld I'd like to see 5 and 6 on DS and 7-9 on PSP.

STK0263788d ago

If I were SE, I'd still do 5 and 6 on DS, as the engine is already done and has proven itself. However, before being done with these, or as soon as they're done with them, they should do 7 to 9 on the PSP. Let's face it, SE will most likely never do a 7 remake on a home console, all they want to do is to make some quick cash with these titles, and the easy way to do it is by putting it on handhelds, due to low dev costs and huge install base.

However, putting 7 on the DS would be a downgrade (visually), which is why I think it should be done on the PSP and give it a graphical overhaul, like the one they can give to the older ones (1 to 6) on the DS.

Turntable Jack3788d ago

FF6 is by far the best final fantasy game ever. Nothing comes close to it. My favorite game of all time, period.

Sarcasm3788d ago

My sentiments exactly. Agreed 1,000,000%

It's THE RPG of all time, at least for me. (and you lol)

Myze3787d ago

I agree that FF6 is the best FF of them all (although FFT comes damn close), which is why I would much rather see it get a next-gen face lift if they feel they have to remake it. Just sad that it didn't/doesn't get the recognition that FFVII gets (don't get me wrong, it's a great game too).

About it being the best RPG (or game) of all time, for me that goes to Xenogears.

Kamikaze1353788d ago

Final Fantasy 6 was the best. I hope they do a PSN and XBLA HD remake of it =D

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The story is too old to be commented.