OPM UK Gets First Playtest of Final Fantasy XIII

GOONL!NE: "A subscriber to Official PlayStation Magazine has realiably told GOONL!NE that the magazine has the first playtest anywhere in the world of Final Fantasy XIII."


UPDATE: First scans have emerged, find them here:

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Gue13790d ago

Nothing to see here... If there's nothing then don't post nothing!

tdrules3790d ago

wtfail they tweeted last month they were playing it

lordgodalming3790d ago

Don't know about that, but for all interested readers, HQ scans of both magazines (OPMUK & Edge) are available here:

Thoughtful and interesting articles. Most surprisingly for me is that you don't seem to stick with any one character or party for much of the game, similar to the first couple discs of FFIX.

Doggone I'm so psyched for this game to come out.

Zeus Lee3790d ago

Whens the release date in Japan again?Might have to import this

Honolulu3790d ago

kuristumas/late fall probably

lordgodalming3790d ago

lol "kuristumas"

プラスバツバズ(+ bub)

MrJack3790d ago

When this realeases there won't be a copy left in Japan.

This will sell millions over there.

Fox013790d ago

Yeah, too bad I don't speak Japanese. I'll have to wait for the western release.

hella whip3790d ago

So what about the big article about it in this months Edge magazine that came through the post today?

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