Castlevania: Symphony of Night available on XBLA tomorrow

Celebrate more than two decades of the Castlevania franchise by reliving (or experiencing for the first time) one of the series' most highly regarded games. The legendary 2D side-scrolling action adventure game from Konami Digital Entertainment "Castlevania: Symphony of Night," will be available for download on Xbox Live® Arcade for Xbox 360 from Wednesday 21st March at 09.00 GMT / 10.00 CET.

The Castlevania franchise is well known for delivering exceptional quality in all elements that make a great game – story, music, level design, character development, gameplay and controls. In "Castlevania: Symphony of Night," the 12th iteration of the series, gamers take on the role of Alucard, the half-vampire son of the blood-drinker Dracula, as he ventures into his infamous father's foreboding castle. Along the way, Alucard must collect items, weapons and armour to defeat the powerful boss monsters that block access to key areas of the castle.

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marionz5326d ago

for an old game it still plays pretty well! i can see myself having a few late nites with this one, even though the graphics look a bit rough

PS360WII5326d ago

Yeah I do like the fact that when MS says it's going to be there it's there nice and early in the day ^^

It may be choppy graphics but man is it fun to play

Armyless5326d ago

Pick this great game up! (for the story, gameplay, music, alternate ending, and secrets.)