Sonic Is 'Fall'-ing

All we knew about the upcoming Sonic The Hedgehog game as far as a release timeframe went, was 'TBA 2006'. Well you can start counting the months and days that are left as it seems that Sonic will be hitting the Xbox 360 in the fall.

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Schmitty075813d ago

I might get it. Are the little Chao's going to be in it like Sonic Adventure 2 on the GC?

PS360PCROCKS5813d ago

I will totally buy this game, best game ever, F' yea

no_more_heroes5812d ago

The first one I got was shadow the hedgehog on xbox. I'm not gonna comment on this game as it would be a waste of bandwidth. The good ones were on the gamecube but I don't have one. This one looks like it has what I-and everyone else-wants in a sonic game: LOTS AND LOTS OF FAST, CONTINUOUS RUNNING!!!!

Hopefully with the next-gen consoles Sega will get smart with the Sonic games and give people more of what they want with this game series.