The Secret to Getting Things Done - Keeping It Simple writes:

"As I mention in my review of Things, I am a busy guy. Busy, busy, busy. So busy that it makes me sick. No seriously, as in I am physically ill.

Right now, on writing this, I am attempting to get over a cold. I'm entering the second week of this cold because I teach during the day, and I'm teaching classes that only I can teach. Nice to have that kind of job security, but that security does not come without cost.

Along with being a freelance consultant, I'm also a writer. I have two titles, both fiction and non-fiction, in the works. When I'm not doing that I work the public speaking circuit talking about everything between writing, to Social Media, to Social Media for Writers. And if you don't think all that is enough - I'm a dad. My kid's superhero moniker is "Sonic Boom" so that can give you some insight on what she is all about."

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