GT Countdown Top 10 Fighting Games

Ten fighting franchises enter; only one comes out on top.

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Gun_Senshi3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

SFIV is just unbalanced bullcrap game. It WAS good, but SFIV is plain unbalanced. Why don't you Compare Sagat and Akuma to like Sakura or Dan or even Vega!?

And No, SFIV is SHALLOW fighting game. Tekken and Guilty Gears are way deeper fighting games.

Give me Guilty Gears over anyday. Alot of people give up on Guilty Gears because its too hard, but Guilty Gears is the deepest and most skillful fighting game ever. Also Its probably the MOST balanced fighting game, something that normally fighting games don't have.

Finally. NO BUSIDHO BLADE!? List is Automatic Fail without Bushido Blade.