MS VP says Windows 7 and Xbox renewing optimism

VP Neil Holloway talks up new releases and future innovations...

Windows Mobile 6.5 "continues to demonstrate we're in the game," believes Holloway...

At the recent Microsoft Innovation day in Brussels, we got an exclusive interview with Neil Holloway, Vice President of Microsoft's international business.

As well as quizzing him about Windows 7 and Microsoft's investment in better search technology, we asked him about the raison d'être of the event and Microsoft's plans for even more R&D in Europe.

But how has Microsoft managed to create such good feeling around Windows 7? "For a while we had some issues about security and which we spent a long time and a lot of money trying to address both in Windows XP. And then we spent a long time making sure Vista was ready to go to market.

"But you're right, Windows 7 seems to be very cool. People are beginning to kind of sniff around to see what we're doing. [Plus] Xbox is going fantastically well. So yeah, there's a feeling of optimism."


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robertjamespaul3790d ago

after vista, anything is optimistic

Daz3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

I got vista and its running fine.

Eddie201013790d ago

Vista works pretty well now, not perfect but much better. Only problem, it took them nearly a year to get most of the problems solved.

Also it is a serious resource hog.

lupilipid3790d ago

whatever microsoft produces will suck.They dunt care about customer satisfaction.all they want is money

BlackPrince 423790d ago

I got Vista........and now I'm using a Mac.

I can never tell with MS whether their acting optimistic for the sake of public relations, or if they really feel that way. On the one hand, much of their software and hardware have been critically panned, but yet they still sell consoles and software by the truckloads.

They're just not as easy to peg as Sony, who given their recent troubles haven't many actual reasons to be optimistic, and Nintendo, who are making so much bank they're nothing but optimistic.

dirthurts3790d ago

But I love vista.
I built my computer(actually last two) with it in mind and it rocks.
No crashes, killer performance, killer gaming.
I would never upgrade a xp computer to vista, that would blow. I also wouldn't use a lower end pc for vista. But if its' built for vista, it really kicks.
I think people hate vista because it's the "cool thing to do". Just like mac. Mac isn't that great. I wanted one at one time too. I played for a while, then realized I was wasting my time. Where is the gaming? Where is the ability to upgrade? Where are the free programs?
Over rated.

IdleLeeSiuLung3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

I'm right there with you on the Mac. I like the design on the hardware, but hate the shiny stuff. Love the fact that their OS is based on BSD.

In the end though, I prefer my Thinkpad with Windows. Apple is just trendy, overpriced and over rated....!

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