PALGN: SOCOM: Confrontation Review

PALGN writes: "SOCOM: Confrontation feels unfinished and unpolished, and could have been a whole lot more with a few extra coats of paint".

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infamous_273792d ago

What? The game was worth a 5 during October but now its atleast an 8!

ZuperAmazingCooKie3792d ago

I don't know how they managed to screw this one. If you wanna play a great third person shooter play warhawk. That's a 9 in my book.

MysticStrummer3792d ago

I agree with Infamous_27. Socom deserved the bad reviews it got at launch, but has been majorly patched. I personally have never been in a game where people left the map and won by cheating, and the lag problems have mostly been fixed as far as I can tell. @ZuperAmazingCookie, they screwed this by releasing it too early. I suspect it was more Sony's fault than Slant 6's, but the fact remains that this game should have seen quite a bit more polishing before launch. There are still problems, but I feel like the game is now in the state it should have been in at release. Since the last two patches, my itch to play Socom has returned. You are right on about Warhawk. It's one of my all time favorite online games.

Socomer 19793792d ago

this guy hasnt even played recently.
Fake !