PlayStation Home 'Xi' gets new space

PS3-Sense writes "A few minutes ago the new 'Adventure lobby' has gone life within PlayStation Home's Alternate Reality Game; Xi. Also a new weekly re-cap video has been launched and a new conversation appeared on Jess247."

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rawd3789d ago

Awesome! The weekend was much too quiet in Xi.

Hulligan853789d ago

I completed both the areas in Alpha Zone 1 the day alpha zone 1 was released. Someone who was "beta testin" invited me into the then locked areas so i completed them both.

Dont get excited, the adventure lobby is a small room, and the challenge in there is a text based adventure. In other words, its rubbish.

NJShadow3789d ago

Yeah, I completed those challenges more than a week ago. Also, to those playing the text based game, REMEMBER, talk to the sprite. =)