Red Faction: Guerrilla - PS3/360 Gameplay Videos

Gt's descriptions for the videos:

1. (Xbox 360) "Acquire the walker and take it back to your base."

2. (PS3) "Blast your enemies into the abyss."

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360 man3787d ago

watchin it in high def

i have to say 360 version definately looks better

Bumpmapping3787d ago

hope so it's maxing the 360 out haha

DelbertGrady3787d ago

The difference is striking. The PS3 version looks like a really early beta version in comparison.

360 man3787d ago

soda popinsky

i agree whole heartedly

lloyd_wonder3787d ago

Not too sure about that. I don't notice any noticeable differences outside of the brighter PS3 version, and both run fine without any noticeable drops in framerate.

Also, this isn't HD. Get tour eyes checked.

DelbertGrady3787d ago

So you successfully ignored the complete lack of AA, v-sync problems & framerate drops?

360 man3787d ago

also dont forget less detail in the ps3 version aswell

3787d ago
Why dis3787d ago

lloyd_wonder also ignored the graphical effects missing like the glare and other light effects and missing textures.

cereal_killa3787d ago

They both look the same Oh wait let me put on those fanboy goggles you Muppet's wear to see the way the game really looks.


yup the 360 does look better/ sarcasm.

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piramides303787d ago

It looks like very weak. Exactly what I was expecting from this game.

byeGollum3787d ago

for a game that scale .. its looks good & looks like a fun game too

Neurotoxin3787d ago

I agree with gollum, this game for its type doesn`t look bad at all.... and it looks like a laugh as well, besides a sci-fi open world game is a welcome change to the usual GTA + Spawn.

Blaze9293787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

i just hope all of you can have access to the demo before you decide to play the game. Not sure how much has changed from the beta that was released on the 360 last year but GOD this game is awful. Trust me.

Its a shame too, Red Faction 1 was so freaking amazing then to finally jump to more powerful systems...this is the result. Yeah, it "looks" fun but if its anything like the Multiplayer beta im staying away.

Dunno about the Single Player campaign though, hopefully the demo offers a taste of both.

thewhoopimen3787d ago

It looks retarded. Everyone is jumping into the sandbox design but very studios have any clear direction. There doesn't seem to be any pacing with this game. Breaking into a facility to steal a walker shouldn't feel like playing with lego blocks with shooting on the side but that's just how this title looks like so far. Plus, once you get into the walker... a behind the walker view? It's covering the damn screen with it's height... how do you see ahead? isn't that annoying?

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Bumpmapping3787d ago

aww how cute two 360 owners talking about a multiplatform game....too bad that all you guys got lmao!

DelbertGrady3787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

Most of them feel like exclusives when you look at how bad the PS3 versions end up.

The 360 has already had 3 exclusives this year. The PS3 just 1.

Halo Wars, Stoked, Ninja Blade. We've also had the pleasure of enjoying GTA IV: The lost and the damned and 2 DLC packs for Fallout 3.

I know lots of exclusives have been announced for the PS3, but how many will actually be released this year? Same story, different year. Don't forget to stock up on tissues when the holiday season comes.

lloyd_wonder3787d ago

Haha. Was that a clever joke?

ELite_Ghost3787d ago

i'm def getting this, this looks sick.

Bumpmapping3787d ago

just 1? you mean 2?!Killzone 2 and MLB 09 the show two highly praised games compared to Ninja blade,stoked rofl! i'll give you Halowars though.We also have Infamous coming soon so that would be 3 right there and you know the rest ;)

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The story is too old to be commented.