Mii-t the Heroes

IGN brings you the stars of Heroes on Nintendo's new console.

November of last year, workers at the IGN L.A. office have been captivated by Nintendo's latest console, the Wii. With motion sensing controls and fun, easy gameplay they have been hooked. But something on the Wii has grabbed their attention even more than games like Zelda and Wii Sports, and that is the Miis.

A Mii is a personalized character that you can contort and tweak to look like a cartoony version of yourself - which you can play with in certain games. IGN staff have attempted to create many different TV characters, and since they are admittedly pretty poor at creating Miis, they haven't been too successful. However, this week they think they may have actually made Miis worthy of the communal IGN Wii - Heroes Miis.

Sure they aren't spot on, but IGN believes that most of them are close enough to the real thing that they thought it would be fun to show them off. So without further ado, here are IGN TV's Heroes Miis...

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DEIx15x84760d ago

The Miis can't be customized to the level of detail needed to model it after them. The Sims would be a better program to do this for.

Bill Nye4760d ago

Slow day at IGN I suppose.